Weekly Porsche Wrap

3 new Porsche models on the horizon? – This is an interesting one. It’s no secret that VW wants Porsche to sell more cars. 150,000 units per year by 2013 is the latest goal. To do that, they really have to introduce some lower cost vehicles into the market. A solution is the introduction of 3 possible new models:

  1. A sub-Boxster model. Perhaps something like the 914, despite VW CEO, Marin Winterkorn, promising no such beast will ever be made by VW.
  2. What’s being referred to as a “baby brother” for the Cayenne. Porsche and Audi are claiming it doesn’t exist, but could be a lower cost, entry-level Porsche SUV.
  3. Top end Panamera. One person speculated a rebuilt backend on this higher end model. Not really sure what that means, but could be interesting.

I don’t know that anyone, other than Porsche, and now VW, has a clue as to how Porsche is going to hit 150,000 units annually, but it seems like it HAS to include lower end models. The first thing that runs through my mind with that goal: is selling MORE cars really the answer for Porsche? Will that really make it a success? Personally, I don’t think so. [Via Autoblog.com]

Motormouse gives you an interim Porsche ownership option – Not ready to pony up for a Porsche just yet? Not a problem. Pick up this “Porsche” from Motormouse, for your, uh, desk. It’s a great replica of a Porsche that serves as your computer mouse. You’ll have the chance to drive this bad boy every day, without worrying about a run-in with the law. [Via Naplesnews.com]

Former Porsche execs houses searched – This one is just plain sad. I resisted mentioning the raid on the Porsche corporate offices last week. Couldn’t bring myself to do it. Well, looks like this past week we had another round of raids. This time the homes of the former CEO, Wendelin Wiedeking, and his former CFO. Looks like they’re being investigated for market manipulation. What a way to end an amazing legacy. [Via NYTimes.com]

Meals on Wheels recipients get a hot meal delivered in style – I have a friend who volunteers for Meals on Wheels every week and she always has a story about her delivery adventures. Last Friday, the Meals on Wheels in Fort Collins, Colorado delivered their meals in style…Porsche style! A local Porsche dealership teamed up with Meals on Wheels to help raise money as well as secure some additional volunteers for the program. Pretty cool idea. Might have to drag the old Giveaway Porsche out to drive my friend around on Wednesday deliveries. Show Colorado we in Portland have some Porsche spirit too. [Via Coloradoan.com]


  1. I can see a smaller cayenne. The x3 and Q5 are examples of smaller versions of the initial vehicle. While I don’t think the x3 has been much of a success, it still sells vehicles so why not.

    I doubt Porsche will go lower than a boxter…thats the day ill write porsche off.

  2. I really really hope Porsche never manafactures 150,000 units a year in my lifetime…However their only going to grow as a company. I’ll stick to their older models!

  3. Three new models for Porsche is pretty ambitious. If they do it though, I bet they will do it right.

  4. Even though I’m sure all here would love to be inside a new Porsche, I doubt anyone wants to see that many of them on the road. I believe someone here said back in the day (whenever that was, but on a Wednesday) having a Mercedes or BMW actually meant something. A real status symbol. How many of these do you now see all over the place? Dime a dozen. Still great cars yet it doesn’t have the same luster it used to…

  5. Whats with a number on how many cars you make? turning a profit is the idea aint it? A production figure doesnt make sense with me unless you are making one item at one price.

    …..and i want one of those motor mouse`s…meeses… mice ..however lol

  6. Yeah it is a nice treat to see a Porsche on the road because I don’t see one every day, but if there were thousands more of them I guess we would start looking for the customization options on each one and that would still be cool. Plus with having more Porsches on the roads, it is just that much more likely we would be able to own one someday.

  7. more likely to own one = less likely for it to stay exclusive and be the car we think it is today. More porsche’s mean its another 3 series or honda with a porsche badge. I doubt it would remain a “porsche” that we are accustomed to.

    The reason we dont have many ferraris or lambos etc… is to keep it exclusive. Once the masses get their hands on something, it loses part of what made it special. And vice versa, to make it appeal to the masses, you have to strip it of what made it special.

    Sad day indeed.

  8. We already know they manipulated markets w/ their buying of options on VW. Is there any need to toss their houses and offices?

  9. I’m not sure how accurate the rumor is about those 3 new models – especially the resurrection of the 914. I know they’re doing a GT1, which they fail to mention, so automatically it’s a bit suspect.


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