Porsche 904 Video

This is a pretty cool historical video on the Porsche 904. Some cool footage of a fella driving one too. Don’t know much about the 904 and this was a good little primer.


  1. AWESOME! …and yet a shame you see so little of the 904`s styling cues in any modern day Porsche which has always proven to be an intelligent standard Porsche follows. What else that makes the 904 favorable to me..MIDENGINE! …(Porsche needs more of that too!)

  2. That was a pretty cool video. The 904 was actually a really neat car.
    And as a side note, that embedded video player is awesome – I can watch it from work!

  3. Learn something new everyday here. Thanks for the video, it was interesting to see some more history of Porsche.

  4. what a beautiful car and the sound is music to my ears

  5. never hear much about 904.great car!

  6. in the beginning of the video , either the hood or the trunk lid was moving pretty visibly on the left side of the screen.

    i dont think ive ever seen one of these before.

  7. definitely one for my top 5 list

  8. I had the opportunity to drive one and I can tell you that the guy’s who raced them had huge balls.They are tight, hot, and twitchy the body is thin fiber glass and has a lot of flex. Driving it down back roads of New Hampshire was one of the greatest half hours of my life.