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8th Wonder of the World: Porsche Museum

Right up there with the Colosseum in Rome and the Great Wall of China (at least for Porscheophiles) is the brand spankin new Porsche Museum officially opening TODAY to all of us “general” Porsche addicts. Sure it’s a bummer we had to wait 3 days to get in, but hey, the Porsche brass deserve a […]

Whale Tail – “The sea was angry that day, my friends.”

As you may have guessed by now, I have a man crush of sorts on the 911 Turbo. Really any model or year of Turbo. It started many years ago when I first started loving Porsches. It didn’t take long before I discovered the wickedest Porsche of them all (at least from a kid’s perspective)…the […]

A 4th Example of Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Porsche with Paul

Ok, so I’m not Paul, but I wanted build on his gripping stories of 911 mishaps so I reutilized his title a bit. He has firmly established that leaving almost any car in his possession is tantamount to ludicrous, so I don’t need to go over that any more. In case you missed the first […]

Drive a Porsche for Free

I have a buddy that used to buy and sell used cars. He would always find a great deal on all kinds of cars. Some of my favorites were several Porsches (a 944, a slant nose 911 Turbo look, and a 911SC), a Corvette, and a Mercedes 450SL. The amazing thing was his ability to […]

Memory Lane: Porsche Magazine Covers #4

We’re on the 4th installment of “Old Guy Looking At Old Porsche Magazines”. What can I say…I don’t get out much. If you want to see the first three posts, you can read them here: Memory Lane #1, Memory Lane #2 and Memory Lane #3. This week’s magazine is one of the few that made […]

Win My Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Today Stuttgart got the grand opening of the Porsche Museum. We thought John Q Public (aka the Fine Readers of needed something special on this monumental day since you won’t be getting into the Porsche Museum for another couple of days. If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, you know […]

Another Porsche Trade

I’m always amazed at what people want to trade for a Porsche or for their Porsche. Today the stakes are a bit higher. Looking to get rid of your newer Porsche? If so, you’re in for a treat. You could be the proud owner of a 2007 Bobcat. Here are the details: perfect condition, just […]

Cayman…Cayman…Cayman. Oh, and some Boxster afterthoughts

I read a couple of interesting articles today, both pimping the Cayman. This despite the second one being ABOUT the Boxster. Both are worth reading even if they are biased towards the Cayman. Even though I’m not a huge Boxster guy, I still think the car deserves a fair shake in it’s own right and, […]

New Photo Gallery

I’m a firm believer in a picture being worth a thousand words. There’s nothing like an image to bring back memories or feelings, inspire you, or make you laugh. The problem for me (and a lot of us) is I get caught up in the moment and forget to take a picture or don’t think […]

GT3 Reaction Video

This is a Porsche preview video for the GT3. Instead of the usual external shots of the car, they mounted a camera in the passenger seat and gave people rides. Great perspective. One of my favorite shots is when the people look over to see how fast they’re going.