8th Wonder of the World: Porsche Museum

Right up there with the Colosseum in Rome and the Great Wall of China (at least for Porscheophiles) is the brand spankin new Porsche Museum officially opening TODAY to all of us “general” Porsche addicts. Sure it’s a bummer we had to wait 3 days to get in, but hey, the Porsche brass deserve a little alone time with their new museum wonder.

Built on what used to be a parking lot, the $65 million project, turned nearly $130 million, was designed by architectural firm Delugan Meissl based in Vienna. The design winning Porsche’s “little” architectural competition for the new building was initially considered unbuildable in professional circles. Well look at it now!

I’ve read some pretty good articles about the Porsche Museum, so instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I’d point you to some of my favorites so far. This is the next best thing to visiting the museum in person, which I really wanted to do, but the timing didn’t work out.

Porsche.com – A little broken up in my opinion, but still the mothership for Porsche info.
AutoSpies.com – A nice write-up with some great history and a walk-thru of the museum.
Drivers-Republic.com – Has a partial list of what’s on display from the opening date.

AutoSpies.com – Some great photos inside and outside the museum in their photo gallery.
CNET.com – Provides a spin through the museum with some good pics and running commentary.

I’d love to get a first hand account from a reader or someone a reader knows if anyone is going or knows someone who is. Maybe we can live vicariously through one of our own.


  1. The museum looks sick. Definitely will be on my list of places to visit before I’m old!

  2. So maybe the next giveaway could be an all inclusive trip to the museum?