Another Porsche Trade

I’m always amazed at what people want to trade for a Porsche or for their Porsche. Today the stakes are a bit higher. Looking to get rid of your newer Porsche? If so, you’re in for a treat. You could be the proud owner of a 2007 Bobcat. Here are the details:

perfect condition, just had 50 hr service, electronic joysticks (no foot controls) 46hp kubota diesel, changeable controls from h pattern (iso) to all bucket/all movements. would consider small tractor and cash. muscle car? porsche?

Seems like quite a few tractor-type trades over the last few months on places like Craigslist. I can see trading for another car, but doesn’t seem like people would want to trade for farm or construction type equipment all that often.


  1. Now that would be an interesting trade! It’s hard to imagine anyone swapping their porsche for a … tractor. They just don’t go as fast!

  2. I may be wrong, but I think the demographic of Porsche owners don’t really need a tractor….am I wrong?

  3. Hey, I have a Porsche Tractor, Can I join?

  4. Heck yeah! A Porsche is a Porsche. Would love to see some pics of the tractor. Send them over to and I’ll add them to the photo gallery.

  5. I am sure you are right. Not too many Porsche owners need a tractor.

  6. thats interesting. i agree about the demographics unless you’re talking about owners of contracting companies..