Top Gun 25th Anniversary Celebrated By TopGun Days Book

This summer marks the 25th anniversary of the movie Top Gun. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since many of us “strapped in” our movie theater seats for the Hollywood ride of our lives. The movie easily makes my Top 5 Porsche movies list (Top 5 Porsche Movies of All Time). I would […] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Most of you probably already know I’m a dreamer. I think you have to have big dreams to run an exotic car site centered around a marque like Porsche. When a site like comes around, it’s pretty easy to get caught up dreaming about the cars they have represented on the site. In fact, […]

Tools For Your Porsche Garage: Stanley Battery Jump-Starter & SquidBrite Work Light

The good folks over at Stanley recently sent me a couple of their products to review. The Stanley 500 AMP Battery Jump-Starter and the Stanley SquidBrite Work Light. Both are very cool, well made, and come in extremely handy in the home garage. Read on to see my thoughts on each and how you can […]

instaVIN Provides Easy Access To Accident History

A few weeks ago instaVIN contacted me about their new instant vehicle history access service. Sounded like CARFAX to me, but I figured I’d have a look anyway. After checking out the site, I have to say, I was impressed. instaVIN offers several valuable services that will help any of us when looking for that […]

Last Minute Porsche Christmas Gifts

This year Christmas has snuck up on me a bit. I’ve actually intended to write a post highlighting some Christmas gifts for the Porsche enthusiast for almost a month now. For some reason, though, I haven’t gotten around to it. Couple that with my tendency to procrastinate and, well, you’ll have a good picture of […]

Total 911 Magazine on DVD

If you haven’t picked up an issue of Total 911 magazine, you really need to. It’s a UK based mag, but has a pretty good following over here in the States. You should be able to find a copy at most major bookstores and newsstands with a decent magazine selection. Total 911 always has great […]

Buying A Used Porsche – Books To Check Out

I picked up a couple of Porsche books as a refresher on buying a used Porsche. Both are longtime staples in the book world on the topic of Porsche and worth reading. Even if you’ve purchased a used Porsche in the past, consider grabbing one or both of these to remind you of things you […]

10 Porsche Enthusiast Gift Ideas (aka What I want for Christmas!)

With the holidays quickly approaching, it can always be a little tough to find something suitable for your significant other. My wife always asks me “What do you want for Christmas?” to which I rarely have a decent reply. This year I thought I’d put together a little list of possible Porsche related presents. The […]