Buying A Used Porsche – Books To Check Out

I picked up a couple of Porsche books as a refresher on buying a used Porsche. Both are longtime staples in the book world on the topic of Porsche and worth reading. Even if you’ve purchased a used Porsche in the past, consider grabbing one or both of these to remind you of things you may have forgotten in the buying process.

Although I’ve never purchased a Porsche specifically in the past, I’ve been with several buddies who have and I’ve also looked at a heck of a lot of used Porsches. Picking up a couple of books like this will give you a better shot at finding a solid car that you can enjoy fully instead of a car that more sucks your time and money than provide a fun driving experience.

Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide by Randy Leffingwell
This series was formerly the Illustrated Porsche Buyer’s Guide by Dean Batchelor. Randy Leffingwell, a long time Porsche enthusiast, took over the series as it changed to a Color Buyer’s Guide approach. Randy states the goal of the book right up front:

“…to make the car shopping, examining, and purchasing stresses manageably low, so the driving and pleasure quotients remain very high.”

One of the reasons I picked up this book is because of it’s continuation of Batchelor’s work in the Illustrated Porsche Buyer’s Guide. That series was one of the best for all around good information and buying process help for both novice and experienced Porsche buyers. This book is a bit old and only covers through the 2001 model year. More than sufficient for my needs since I’m looking for a 911 that’s pre-2000.

Porsche 911 Performance Handbook by Bruce Anderson
This is the second edition of this book I’ve owned. It’s an excellent book and regarded as one of the best all around books on the 911. Bruce Anderson writes the monthly Porsche Market Update found in Excellence magazine and is one of the premiere experts on Porsche cars. I’ve followed him for a long time and he definitely knows his stuff.

Although the title may make you think it’s a book for tuners, it also has great information on 911s that can be applied to the purchasing process. There’s even a chapter dedicated to Buying a Used 911. Definitely pick up this book if you’re looking to buy a used Porsche or already own one and want some project or technical information about the 911.

As soon as I’m done with the books, I’ll post up a more formal review. I’m also working on a summary of the buying process from a non-mechanical buyer’s perspective with a couple of resources to help in the buying process.


  1. I always use this information when someone asks about buying a used Porsche, especially a Porsche Boxster.

    Mike Focke’s
    Porsche BoxsterWeb Pages Index

  2. This is a great idea. I will have to pick those up. I am in the market to start looking for a 911. Will start looking at the pre-2000 years because of affordability.

  3. Christina G. says

    I didn’t even know they had buyer’s guides for Porsches. Thanks for the info!

  4. Do they have any of these books for a 944? I already have it, but it would have been nice to have a guide book. Iv got alot of work ahead of me 🙁

  5. Thanks for the info on the books. I’ve always purchased new and now looking for a used 911Cab 4

  6. I’m looking for a used 911 Cab 4. Can anyone tell me the best place(s) to look or purchase for the absolute best price. Retail/wholesale and which auctions are best?

  7. Can anyone tell me the best used model years from 2000 up and which model years to stay away from?

    • @BobinCT – I’d start by snagging the last copy of Excellence Magazine that had Bruce Anderson’s review of the 996 and 997s. He does a great job giving a nice summary of cars with highlights of stuff to avoid. In my opinion, every car has it’s quirks and no year is a perfect one. Figure out what style you want and buy the nicest car you can find for the money you have to spend. The 996s, for example, have gotten a bad rap for a number of reasons. Aside from doing the 30k service which hadn’t been done on the car, I haven’t put any money into the Giveaway Porsche. And I knew about the 30k service before I bought the car, so that wasn’t a surprise.

      Just my two “non-mechanical” cents.

  8. I’m in Connecticut but will travel for a spectacular deal on a 911 cab 4 automatic. . .any suggestions?

  9. Stephen says

    Thanks for listing these books, looks like I’m off to the book store.

  10. I skimmed through the first one at a friend of mine’s house and it seemed very informative. Definitely a good idea to do some research when buying used.

  11. tdankodt says

    Thanks for the very useful tip!

  12. forewarned is forearmed. more info before purchase
    is a terrific idea.

  13. Thjanks for the list of books.

  14. and a book you would never get tired of picking
    up and reading at any point

  15. Thanks for the heads up on these books, Right now, Books are as close as i get!

  16. little homework can go a long way.

  17. research could probably save a lot of money in the long run.

  18. We’re in the market for a nice used car, glad to know about these books – thank you! I’m going to see if our library will get them in for me.

  19. i was really surprised at what the ’09 cayman’s are priced at…..only $49,000!!

  20. i was really surprised at what the ’09 cayman’s are priced at only $49,000

  21. anyone used these with success?

  22. Phil Schneider says

    I really want a mid 80’s 911

  23. I really didn’t know there was a buyer’s guide to purchasing a Porsche.

  24. books for specific models?

  25. Phil Schneider says

    knowledge and friends are good (caveman voice)

  26. I have the 911 buyers guide. Highly recommended!

  27. The assistance and reference material provided are priceless!

  28. mitchell says

    thanks for the info – for when i eventually start shopping.

  29. gd info on the books ive been looking for a used porshe and these books will surely help me

  30. tracy davis says

    Thanks for the info on the books. I’ve always purchased new and now looking for a used 911Cab 4

  31. These are wonderful suggestions/books for purchasing a used Porsche. Thanks again for the suggestions.

  32. any years to stay clear of with 911 or boxster?

  33. If the car is properly maintained then you should be fine.

  34. tracy davis says

    Thanks for the info on the books. I’ve always purchased new and now looking for a used 911.

  35. tracy davis says

    I didn’t even know they had buyer’s guides for Porsches

  36. Thank you for the help. Peace Up Porsche On.

  37. Great resource guide, I will keep my eye out for these especially since my dream is to be driving on of these babies very soon.

  38. Laura Adams says

    Reseach is very important when you are making a decision of this magnatude.