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Buy 1 Porsche, Get 1 Free Promotion

I’m not really sure if this is true, but I found this reported about two and a half years ago on a site called myLot. Glen Fergusson – Sales and Marketing manager for a brand new Californian Porsche dealer. Has lost his job and faces possible legal proceedings as the company strives to reclaim the […]

Paul’s Trip – Day 9

Yep, back-to-back Porsche sightings. Don’t you love living vicariously through someone else?! Here’s a little bit from Paul on these two pictures: The black porsche, I noticed as we drove through the town of Princeton, which is located between Frisco and Caddo Mills. Princeton is a very small town on a farm highway in Texas. […]

Paul’s Trip – Day 8

The Epic Journey continues with a Porsche Cayman spotted in Frisco, TX. “The silver Porsche I saw approach the light and grabbed my camera and hoped I’d snag it as it went by at the light in front of us. I had to get a shot off before it crossed in the path of the […]

Porsche 911 Targa Video

We don’t feature a lot of modern day 911 Targa videos, so I thought I’d change things up a little today and post up a video I found on The Targa in the video is pretty sweet and I love how the roof opens. Darn near the best of both the Coupe and Cabriolet […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

1956 Porsche 356 1500 GS Carrera making a couple of stops at Concours D’Elegance – A fella by the name of Roger Craig is part of a new movement that keeps old cars original and unrestored. Careful not to alter the car in any meaningful way, they basically just do the regular maintenance to keep […]

Weekly Photo Highlight

Only got a few submissions this week, and one of them was blurry, so I’m stretching back into the archives a bit to select a photo I’ve looked at several times. This one was submitted by James earning him 5 big entries into our Porsche Giveaway. A couple of things I like about this picture. […]

2011 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

I love the opening line of a post about the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid on “Hell is freezing over pretty frequently these days, it seems.” Kind of feels like that for us Porsche fans in recent years. Diesel this. Hybrid that. 4 door 911. Porsche worlds are colliding all over the place! It looks like […]

Ultimate Car List Top 5 – Pick #4

Yes boys and girls, it’s time for Pick Numero 4 in our Ultimate Car List Top 5. A pretty exciting and potentially monumentous day for this Porschephile in particular. Why? Well, I think I’m finally moving into the 21st century of Porsche supercars. Pick #4 is a Porsche Carrera GT. Any year would do just […]

Porsche Cayman S Spotting

I know this isn’t a crazy rare car or anything, but this pulled up across the street from my house yesterday afternoon. I grabbed my camera and shot a few stealthy photos of it (really, I was just trying not to look like an idiot spying on his neighbors). I ended up going out and […]

Paul’s Trip – Day 5 Sighting

Here’s what Paul found in Tucson, AZ. I’m sure this was taken as a drive by with the windows rolled up and the A/C cranked on as high as it would go. It’s DANG HOT in Tucson right now. I still loved living there though.