Porsche 911 Targa Video

We don’t feature a lot of modern day 911 Targa videos, so I thought I’d change things up a little today and post up a video I found on BroadBandSports.com. The Targa in the video is pretty sweet and I love how the roof opens. Darn near the best of both the Coupe and Cabriolet worlds. Just a heads up, there’s a short “commercial” at the start of the video. Stick with it though.


  1. Nice! Love the Targa, always liked the lift up spoilers. The video work in this is extremely well done too, Nice shots and angles!

  2. the shot with the roof sliding into place is awesome. i’ve never really seen a video that shows that and have always been wondering how close it comes to the rear window.

  3. That is cool how the roof disappears now. I would definitely love that. Most of my cars have had sunroofs and they are great for a suntan on the bald head…

  4. mitchell says

    dang, i cant get it too load. but i am a fan of the targa.

    in the spirit of the movie animal house – targa, targa, targa!!!

  5. targa is sweet,especially for cold climates.

  6. great video!targa is way cool.

  7. this euro version has a nicer rear bumber than the us version:


    when this car was first introduced, the power roof had a minor flaw – it only operated if all 4 wheels were level, otherwise the frame twisted slightly and the window came off the slider mounts.

  8. @ Mitchell..in the spirit of Animal House as well, I hope this car doesnt meet the same fate as that big Lincoln and get transformed into the Deathmobile lol

  9. i’m sure that porsche has fixed their issues with a leaky roof with this version of the targa

  10. Phil Schneider says

    I guess this car makes sense for sun lovers but
    I’m bald, pale and live in Virginia. Give me a coupe
    and maybe a sunroof with some sunscreen. I’m not saying
    that Porsche shouldn’t have their brilliant engineers dream
    up some technoblahblah for the soft shoe set who sort of
    enjoy driving but isn’t this targa targeting the wrong buyer?
    Wait. I’m sorry. Porsche is a company and in order for
    them to produce the really nice, i.e. real Porsches for
    real enthusiasts, I guess they have to make the profitable
    Targas and SUV’s. Whatever works. As long as they make
    proper sports cars. Sorry about the rant.