Paul’s Trip – Day 8


The Epic Journey continues with a Porsche Cayman spotted in Frisco, TX. “The silver Porsche I saw approach the light and grabbed my camera and hoped I’d snag it as it went by at the light in front of us. I had to get a shot off before it crossed in the path of the car in front of me, or I’d miss it.” He’s getting better at being at the ready for those Porsche spottings!


  1. mitchell says

    wow, practically an action shot, lol. i like silver as a color – understated, but still very sharp and sleek.

  2. cayman is a great looking car.have fun!

  3. silver looks great on cayman.can’t wait for next pic.

  4. I Like the rims!

  5. that is a beautiful car for sure

  6. someone had mentioned in an earlier post that they thought the Cayman looked like a TT, I still don’t see it.

  7. Good job. Another one for the file.

  8. Paul is getting better and so are the Porsches! Keep em coming.

  9. Paul, I can’t believe the amazing Porsches you are seeing out there! Great shot.

  10. i’m not sure how he’s doing it. when i see a porsche i always try to be sneaky about taking it but i always feel like somebody is going to come chase me down for doing a drive by. anybody else feel the same?

  11. said it before, and I’ll say it again, Paul is a Porsche stalker

  12. Phil Schneider says

    I would love this car in my garage (I need to
    get one of those too)