Paul’s Trip – Day 9


Yep, back-to-back Porsche sightings. Don’t you love living vicariously through someone else?! Here’s a little bit from Paul on these two pictures:

The black porsche, I noticed as we drove through the town of Princeton, which is located between Frisco and Caddo Mills. Princeton is a very small town on a farm highway in Texas.

This little fella looks dirty and neglected. It’s actually parked in front of a cafe and has been there each of the three days we’ve driven by. I’m not even sure if it’s running or not….looks like the makings of a decent car though.



  1. if this was for sale i don’t think it’d make the “tempting porsche” page. looks like it’s been driven hard

  2. Paul – any way you can swing by there and inquire about this car’s story? If you do, I vote that Ryan gives you 5 more ballot entries for your investigative journalism efforts.

  3. mitchell says

    a tore up porsche just looks like an “average” car. at least this one does. how sad

  4. wow,that’s a shame.

  5. someone should rescue this car from an abusive home!

  6. Poor little fella , Just left outside to be ignored, Looks like someone gave him a kick in the left hind quarter too!…Just needs a loving home…I`ll adopt him! 🙂

  7. Looks like someone’s toy. They probably don’t care much how it looks.

  8. Abused and neglected indeed. It looks like the damage to the rear extends from the left rear quarter panel all the way to the other side of the car (you can see the gray bumper on the right side shot). Maybe it was in a shootout down in TX and got a little beat up running from the pokey.

  9. Tisk tisk. What is the owner thinking?

  10. i now feel this should be pushed off a cliff

  11. Hey, hasn’t anyone told Texas about car washes yet? I know that Texas is still living in past.. but come on people.

  12. PS – Pasadena is the the home of amazing Porsches. I see at least three every time I go somewhere. Shoot, I see one pass by my house every hour or so.

  13. Dude, check your in box!

  14. good one, Ryan!

  15. @ jeremy, when did you move to pasadena? it must’ve been the fame of wheel of fortune

  16. Phil Schneider says

    she needs some cleaning luvin

  17. I really want to write “Wash Me” on the hood with my finger