Paul’s Trip – Day 5 Sighting


Here’s what Paul found in Tucson, AZ. I’m sure this was taken as a drive by with the windows rolled up and the A/C cranked on as high as it would go. It’s DANG HOT in Tucson right now. I still loved living there though.


  1. nice car.get it out of the sun!

  2. mitchell says

    getting some good pics paul.

  3. this shot is so classy. nothing like having your porsche parked in your front yard!!!

  4. I actually pulled out of the far right lane that I was in (on my way to a sweet little bike shop in Tuscon, btw James….) and pulled way over into the center/turn lane to snap that. AND, I even ROLLED the window down to snap it. Too bad my OLD iphone only can do so much.

    PS – two minutes later, a brand new turbo blew by me on the same street….nowhere near quick enough to snap it though.

  5. Paul the Porsche Stalker

  6. does look out of place.good luck on your trip.

  7. Nice Car, LOVE the color!..Cant resist the joke. Is this an Upscale redneck neighborhood?

  8. Who needs grass when you can park a Porsche in your front yard. Now THAT’S what I call a yard gnome.

  9. Arizona is a good place to spot some Porsche’s also. Good job.

  10. I’m with you on this one maria. If that dash isn’t cracked and ruined yet it surely won’t be too long before it is. 🙁
    Day 5’s Porsche > Day 1’s Porsche.

  11. @ James, dont see much of a yard
    more like a desert.

  12. @ russ. very very true. i’m just used to saying yard i guess

  13. house doesn’t match the car

  14. Apparantly they blew all their money. On the car and couldn’t afford much else. Not a bad plan if you ask me.

  15. Hey ..priorities you know 🙂