Buy 1 Porsche, Get 1 Free Promotion

I’m not really sure if this is true, but I found this reported about two and a half years ago on a site called myLot.

Glen Fergusson – Sales and Marketing manager for a brand new Californian Porsche dealer. Has lost his job and faces possible legal proceedings as the company strives to reclaim the costs of the 18 Porches given away free under Glen’s Opening day “buy one get one free promotion” “I admit I didn’t really do the numbers properly on this one” said Glen who told reporters that he had “seen the concept work really well for coffee stores” and in terms of numbers you could argue that Glen’s campaign worked. As the new Porsche dealer sold 18 Porches in the first hour of the store opening.

It took the head office a full hour to realise what was going on and subsequently shut the store.

Local man Bruce Stepper took out a second mortgage on his home after getting a promotional flyer in his mailbox. “I am ecstatic – I brought a shiny red Porsche today, got another one free and I have sold just sold it on EBay, all up I end up getting a Porsche 911 for $5000”

Jane Cameron was arguably even more entrepreneurial. The local Janitor purchased a Porsche using the dealers “no deposit finance plan for low income earners”, sold both cars, paid off the finance account and walked away with $120,000 profit. The finance plan was another one of Glen’s initiatives that has now been cancelled.

A red faced Glen stated “I have never really been too good at Math and I was sure the whole time we were making money – I was initially blown away by the amount of cars we were selling in that first hour. I had seen the “buy one get one free card” work extremely well for the new coffee shop down the road and thought what a great idea I will try it here.”

National spokesman for the dealership chain was quoted as saying “We are just glad that the idiot didn’t have time to run with his ‘test drive 5 cars, get one free loyalty stamp card’ campaign.

Seems a bit far fetched, but can you imagine if it actually did take place?! I suppose stranger things have happened.



  1. Ryan, welcome to your first urban myth posting on !
    Here’s the details:

    • @ruthless – Nice investigative work! I knew it sounded too crazy to be true, but it still makes for a great conversation starter. I gotta remember snopes. Course…maybe they’re mythifying the actual true store to boost their own credibility. Hmmmm.

  2. I laughed so hard I cried, wish I could have been there.

  3. mitchell says

    wow, i love being able to take advantage of a good scam … i mean deal.

    you know, some home builders have done the “bogo” deal – of course, they are smart to make the main house out in the stix worth over a million (which it is ) and then include a tiny townhouse in town, or something like that.

  4. i always miss the good stuff.

  5. count me in!

  6. That would be wild if it actually took place, but I would be surprised. As you said though, stranger things have happened. I would have pulled money out of my house to buy a 911 also.

  7. Ryan, definitely fasle

  8. or false, depending on how you choose to spell it

  9. Snopes is the best site. It disproves 85% of what I read on the internets. A great source for cutting through the BS. Good story though – could have made it a little more believable by toning it down just a touch. 🙂

  10. Ryan,

    I think this should have given it away. Porsche using the dealers “no deposit finance plan for low income earners”, 🙂

  11. This story was just too good to be true, ha.

  12. I have to agree snopes is a great site. They do a lot of investigative work to back up their statements.

  13. haha this is too funny…how do you get a dealership in the first place if thats your thinking process??

    I call fake on this too

  14. A dealership here in CT tried something like this back in the 80’s, but what they were doing was selling you a $2000.00 car for $4000.00 and throwing in another $2000.00 car for free. They made the local news pretty quick when the state shut them down.

  15. I was going to head to this dealer when the promotion started, But i was counting on my check from Bill Gates for that email i forwarded to use as a down payment, I never received it, Thats not fair 🙂

  16. guess this guy will have a hard time getting another job.

  17. uh, seriously folks, this never happened.

  18. nice pipe dream

  19. I love the need for a re-clarification that it indeed never happened.
    Read a comment or two. 🙂