4 VERY Nice Porsche 356’s Up For Sale

I ran across an auction site that has 4 VERY nice Porsche 356s coming up for auction soon. I had to share because these are beautiful cars. I grabbed a little bit of the description for each car from the auction site. You can see all 4 cars plus a couple of replicas at Worldwide […]

Classic Porsche 356 Beach Picture

I love these old pictures. This one I came across in another news post, but thought I’d throw it up for your viewing pleasure. Great old picture.

Porsche 356 Speedster Conversion

This guy is a bit on the boring side. Don’t let that scare because the car in this video is pretty cool. It’s a kit car, but the electric conversion makes it desirable in my book. I doubt you’ll make it through the full hour and forty minutes, but watch the first video. You’ll get […]

Sweet Old Porsche Picture

I was cleaning up my desktop today (had WAY too many things parked there) and came across I picture that I had saved for posting on the blog. No idea where I got it, but I love it. It’s a great window into what the life of Porsche must have been like in the early […]

Porsche 356 Factory Footage

I found these YouTube videos referenced on another site somewhere. It’s a 5 part series showing the Porsche factory and 356’s being made by hand. Pretty amazing. Maybe you’ll have extra time to kill this Monday and be able to get through all 5. If not, come back and watch them.

Win a Porsche Outlaw 356

I read about this fundraiser last month, but completely forgot to post it on the blog. Maybe it was some subconscious move to try and increase my chances of winning one heck of a sweet Porsche Outlaw 356! James O. reminded me of it last week though, so now everyone will have a chance to […]

Historic Porsche or Marketing Fake?

I passed on mentioning this car last week because I had determined in my mind that this was a fake. After taking another look, I’m not 100% sure, although I’m still leaning towards that end. I thought I’d throw it out here to see what everyone thought. This particular car is a prototype designed and […]

Porsche Outlaw 356 Project

I got an email recently from Shane, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers. He mentioned he had recently purchased a Porsche 356 and set out to build an Outlaw 356. He had me at Porsche 356, but I dropped everything when I read Outlaw 356! Ever since discovering Outlaw 356s earlier this year, I’ve been in […]

Porsche 356 Restoration Pictures

James O was kind enough to send over some pictures of a couple of projects he’s worked on, one of them very recently. He’s one dang lucky guy getting to work on beauties like these. Here’s one we finished two years ago it’s a 64 356 SC: The 53 356 just back from the trim […]

“Daily Driver” Porsche 356

Paul sent over several pics of a Porsche 356 he spotted in McMinnville. He said it was packed with luggage (it also had Texas plates). Looked like they were travelling in it. Last Saturday (the day he took the pics) was a rainy day. I love that these 356 owners were driving their car in […]