Porsche 356 Restoration Pictures

James O was kind enough to send over some pictures of a couple of projects he’s worked on, one of them very recently. He’s one dang lucky guy getting to work on beauties like these.

Here’s one we finished two years ago it’s a 64 356 SC:


The 53 356 just back from the trim shop:



I love both of these cars, but especially love the look of the blue one. Thanks for sending these in James!

If you have any pics to share, would always love to see them. You can send them to pictures @ autobahnbound.com (take out the spaces in the email address).


  1. Awesome! And sweet gig James O has!. Most envied poster on Porsche perfect =James O 🙂

  2. Thanks I’m glad you like, have to say some days I don’t feel so lucky. It is nice to work on and drive cars I will probably never be able to own.

  3. Awesome pics James! What part of the restoration process do you work on?

  4. Andrew, My specialty is sheet metal fabrication,but I do everything from disembly till paint. I also do assembly work. I can paint but don’t like to besides we have someone who is much better at it than me, he also does the buffing. I can disassemble mechanical parts but we have mechanics who do the rebuilds and we will reinstall them. we also have trimmers do the majority of the interior we will usualy do the final assembly. Sheet metal is my favorite though. I worked for four years as a panel beater and can make pretty much anything we cant buy.

  5. @James – that’s a cool skill. Any of the panels on either of these cars that you could point out your handiwork?

  6. Andrew, most of the metal work was minor repairs on these but I will try to dig up some pics of more extensive work. I did do the body work on the blue car and a good part of the silver one.