“Daily Driver” Porsche 356


Paul sent over several pics of a Porsche 356 he spotted in McMinnville. He said it was packed with luggage (it also had Texas plates). Looked like they were travelling in it.

Last Saturday (the day he took the pics) was a rainy day. I love that these 356 owners were driving their car in the inclimate weather and I want to believe this is a regular driver for them. Also cool that they took a trip in it. Talk about an epic adventure! Too many of these old cars are garage queens, which is understandable, but still sad.

porsche-356-side porsche-356-back


  1. That’s awesome. Risky business traveling cross-country with a car that old. I bet it was a fun trip (although probably not the most comfortable).

  2. I love seeing these old ones out on the road. I would love to have a 356 that is a little rough around the edges.

  3. Our blue 53 is at the upholstery shop I will send an update picture when it is back.

  4. Cool pics to see the old ones on the road.

  5. Cant keep them all in a garage 🙂