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SUV Poll Results

This one has been up for a while, so we got more opinions than normal, but here are the official results: Should the term “truck” also apply to SUVs? * Yep: 21% (50) * Nope: 38% (92) * Come on, let’s focus on Porsche CARS here!: 41% (98) Total Votes : 240 Personally, I feel […]

Great Time To Be A Porsche Executive

I was reading a press release this weekend from late last week about Wolfgang Hatz replacing Wolfgang Dürheimer as the head of Research and Development at Porsche. What I found interesting was where the outgoing leader of R&D was headed. Dürheimer will take over as Chairman of the Executive Board of Bentley Motors in addition […]

Porsche DNA Teaser Video & Web Special

This is a teaser video for the Porsche DNA site. Short, but sweet, although most of the footage we’ve seen in other Porsche videos. Just never gets old though. To go along with it, check out the Porsche DNA web special. It’s not new, but I hadn’t been out there yet. I love the loading […]

Porsche 911 Picture

This is a great silver 911 James C sent me a while back. This was parked in downtown Salem. Notice the Jackson Jewelers clock in the background. One of my favorite Salem icons and a great store. Thank James!