Porsche 911 Picture

porsche 911 silver

This is a great silver 911 James C sent me a while back. This was parked in downtown Salem. Notice the Jackson Jewelers clock in the background. One of my favorite Salem icons and a great store.

Thank James!


  1. Nick Pisano says

    Beautiful car! Doesn’t seem like you see too many late 90’s Carreras for some reason. Mostly newer or way older!

  2. Porsche Paparazzi!

  3. Whenever i see the any of Porsche model, believe me I stared long on that. I never ever seen before such great engineering work in my career. When i will become millionaire that would be my first personal buy. Great post, thanks for such great model’s pic..

  4. Awesome photo! I am guessing this was taken sometime during the summer in Oregon? I wonder how the Porsche normally handles during the winter time since Oregon does get alot of snow.


  5. @tires: rear engine + rear wheel drive = better than you’d probably expect

  6. Andrew good deal, and for sure I wouldn’t expect a good performance. Makes me want to try a porsche in the snow someday, hehehe.