Porsche 911 Picture

porsche 911 silver

This is a great silver 911 James C sent me a while back. This was parked in downtown Salem. Notice the Jackson Jewelers clock in the background. One of my favorite Salem icons and a great store.

Thank James!


  1. Nick Pisano says:

    Beautiful car! Doesn’t seem like you see too many late 90’s Carreras for some reason. Mostly newer or way older!

  2. Porsche Paparazzi!

  3. Whenever i see the any of Porsche model, believe me I stared long on that. I never ever seen before such great engineering work in my career. When i will become millionaire that would be my first personal buy. Great post, thanks for such great model’s pic..

  4. Awesome photo! I am guessing this was taken sometime during the summer in Oregon? I wonder how the Porsche normally handles during the winter time since Oregon does get alot of snow.


  5. @tires: rear engine + rear wheel drive = better than you’d probably expect

  6. Andrew good deal, and for sure I wouldn’t expect a good performance. Makes me want to try a porsche in the snow someday, hehehe.


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