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Porsche Story

Here’s another Porsche story from Jeff W. It’s a short one, but I think we can all relate to the feeling. My Porsche story relates to the many years I have absolutely loved the Porsche 911.  When I was a young teenager I used to love seeing them on the road and would look at […]

LAST DAY Porsche Giveawayers!!! Enter BEFORE the Clock Strikes Midnight Tonight!

Just a friendly little reminder that our Porsche Giveaway is ending at 11:59pm tonight, July 31st, 2009. Still PLENTY of time to knock out some entries and give yourself a shot at winning one heck of a sweet ride. As stated in the rules, we’ll be doing the actual drawing next Thursday, August 6th. Our […]

Porsche Story

This story is from Brent. Always cool to see pricing and how things stack up when you go to sell: I bought my first Porsche in 1987 (a red 1983 914 with black leather interior) ….. found out it had been “chopped” and rebuilt. As expected, it became more of a liability than a joy, […]

Porsche Story

This is a Porsche story submitted by Jeff W. Guess there’s a reason you see Porsches parked in the lots of ski resorts. One of my most memorable stories while riding in my friends Porsche 924 during college was not one of those ‘best’ moments but it was very memorable for me.  We were driving […]

Porsche Giveaway Reminder

Just a quick reminder that we have only a day and a half left to enter the Porsche Giveaway. That’s right, entries will no longer be received once the clock on the server strikes 12:00am on August 1st (Saturday for those of you who don’t pay attention to the date). See all of the entry […]

Drop the Hammer in Switzer Performance Innovations Sledgehammer

Andrew, one of our fine readers, suggested we highlight a little aftermarket tuning company churning out some amazing Porsches. The name of the company is Switzer Performance Innovations founded by Tym Switzer and located in Oberlin, Ohio. The company has been focusing on building show-quality exhausts and bolt-on performance products for a couple of […]

Porsche Story

[flickrset id=”72157621832377635″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”medium”] This story was submitted by Erik who runs A great story about how he come to love Porsches and even start a site dedicated to them: Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve loved cars. (Sound familiar?) Naturally, this was easy for me, as my father dedicated his […]

Porsche Story

This story is part two from James O. My Porsche story, part two. My father was in the army, and I grew up in Germany. Like many army brats I lost touch with most of my friends when I came home. One friend, Bill, and I both loved Porsches. He had a 924 that was […]

1989 Porsche Speedster

This is one of those cars that would have gone on my Ultimate Car List had I had the room. I’ve always had a fascination with the 911 Speedsters. I love the primarily open air version of the 911, the flared rear fenders like the 911 Turbo, and the raked windshield. It gives the car […]

Porsche Story

Robin sent in this story about her first Porsche. FINALLY a female steps up to the plate and shares her story. I know there are plenty of you out there who are Porsche fans. We need to hear from more of you! Thanks for sharing this Robin: What to do when you have a baby […]