Porsche Story

Robin sent in this story about her first Porsche. FINALLY a female steps up to the plate and shares her story. I know there are plenty of you out there who are Porsche fans. We need to hear from more of you! Thanks for sharing this Robin:

What to do when you have a baby in a carseat in the front seat of a 911 and a toyota truck honking on your tail?  WHAT?  How can a toy truck be on the tail of a porche?

Around 1990, I had an old 911 that had been obtained through an auction.  It was exciting to drive a car with power, finally.  I didn’t care that the interior was beat up because I called it my “classic”.  That is anything old that you haven’t gotten the money together to fix yet, LOL.

I had always wanted a Porsche…one of my own…not one that a “guy trying to date me” might let me drive.  I had always bragged to friends that I would never date a guy just because he drove a fancy car because I firmly believe that a woman could have enough self esteem to get one on her own.  Besides, I really hate when women use guys that way.

So here I am, finally owning a Porsche, sitting at a stop sign with my infant son strapped into the passenger seat.  (Not sure if that would be legal now a days. What does one do when the car does not HAVE a back seat…another blog idea). I’m waiting for a good space in traffic before turning right. The Porsche needed a tune-up and was missing a beat or occasionally a whole phrase. I’ve got a baby on board. I’m not going to take a chance and jump out in traffic and risk the car stalling and getting smashed.

Guy in the Toyota behind me, gets impatient, honks and yells at me “Why the hell do you own a Porsche when you can’t drive it!” Boy was I embarrased. Didn’t he realize that a Porsche is like a jet and needs to run at optimum conditions? Didn’t he hear that the Porsche was not running smoothly? That I was a cautious mother trying to save the life of her child?

I mean, really, it was not my fault! The jerk actually zipped around me, while my mouth dropped open, and jumped out in traffic and turned right at the stop sign I was sitting at.

A true sitting duck was I! The reality was, though he showed his envy, he was right. I had no business owning a Porsche because I did not manefest the financial means for the upkeep. But boy do I know how to do that now! There is nothing like running those cars at top freeway speed with darting eyes front, rear and side mirrors, just to really experience a fine piece of machinery the way it is meant to be driven.

My son is 19 now, so I want a  Porche again. Just to prove I can handle it. I like the craftmanship, the speed, the uooooooooooohhh this is nice feeling. So do you think my two labs will fit? Or would that be two many tails?


  1. That just goes to show you how bad some drivers are and how little respect they show for others on the road. That guy in the toyota is the reason we have so many car wrecks in the states. i just got back from a 2 month study abroad in germany and did not see one car wreck. of course, i didnt see any big toyota trucks either

  2. Girl Power!!

  3. Robin, You had the upper hand, Joke was on him! Real trucks don`t say Toyota on the bumper :)!

  4. people need to be more patient.aggressive drivers are a danger.

  5. Robin, the newer 911’s have back seats, more like jump seats, not really appropriate for adult passengers, but dogs are fine

  6. My advise: get another Porsche. You won’t regret it.

  7. cayenne! room for a 19 year old and plenty of dogs.

  8. Jokes on me too…I meant to say Tailgate. geez

  9. omg girl im am 39 years old and just got my hands on a beauty(1984,944) that ding bat toyota driver has no idea!! owning and driving these cars is like nothing else..yes! get another one dogs or no dogs….

  10. strap those big labs in the back seats
    (911. 928, 944)
    have your son ride shotgun till you teach
    him how to drive a stick and till he respects
    a fine car. He’s young, so make sure he
    doesn’t rap it around a tree. Too many
    kids in my town are perishing b/c of a
    lack of driving skill. It’s very sad.

  11. Good for you. Don’t worry about those other people

  12. Good story and I bet you will get another one someday becuase it sounds like you love them so much.

  13. Ha, great story. Thanks for sharing Robin! Keep up the great posts.

  14. Yeah, I’ve also made it a personal rule of mine not to date guys just because of their cars.
    Although I might make an exception for one driving a GT2. Not sure my wife would be too thrilled with that though. 🙂

  15. Thanks for sharing your craigs list ad under personals with us Andrew ..I think you forgot to log out there and then painfully realized you were back visiting Porsche Perfect…but it was too late as you clicked the submit comments button lol

  16. too bad you didn’t keep it.who knows,maybe you can find it and buy it back!would make a great story.

  17. Andrew, your wife is a real dictator

  18. mitchell says

    ive always thought it be a little passive aggressive when someone in a power car goes really slow. they’re basically saying yeah, i CAN go a lot faster than you, but i dont have to…and there’s nothing you can do about it. lol

  19. @Brad – I was wondering why I couldn’t load my pics!