Porsche Giveaway Reminder

Porsche 911 Cabriolet Giveaway 1

Just a quick reminder that we have only a day and a half left to enter the Porsche Giveaway. That’s right, entries will no longer be received once the clock on the server strikes 12:00am on August 1st (Saturday for those of you who don’t pay attention to the date). See all of the entry methods, giveaway rules, etc. here: PorschePerfect.com Porsche Giveaway.

Also, keep in mind that our Vanity License Plate selection will take place on Saturday as well. Submit your vanity plate idea for an entry and one person’s entry will be chosen as a winner for 5 extra entries.

I just did a quick calculation and a person who has not entered the Porsche Giveaway previously could get themselves 22 entries between today and tomorrow doing just the minimums on the list. If you wanted to spend a little more time submitting pictures and writing up stories, you could easily double that number.


  1. what a beauty!great picture.hope to be driving it soon!

  2. heres one more

  3. when is the drawing?

  4. Whew, thanks for the reminder… I almost forgot.

    I hope the next two days are banner days for this site! I would love to see it blow up and attract a ton of people.

  5. Someone will be a happy person Saturday!!!

  6. Just for fun I think I am going to go back and add up my entries.. I think I may have broke 50. 😉

  7. More entries, more entries,

    i need a photo i need a photo

  8. Actually, as a consolation, can I have the license plate insert with the porsche logo on it?

  9. Thanks for the opportunity, it has been fun and you have created a great blog here. Would love to drive that car soon!

  10. mitchell says

    good luck to everyone!

  11. To win this then drive across this beautiful country
    in my first Porsche. Beautiful dream.

  12. So close. so close. I really want this car!!!

  13. i’m still waiting for the pacificpedaling.com announcement =)

  14. Good luck to everyone (but I’m REALLY hoping it’s me who wins)

    thanks again Porsche Perfect!

  15. Russ, we’d love to give you the plate insert, but I fabricated it for the photos. 🙂

    Sorry man…


  16. Phil, this car will be many miles through this beautiful country on its way home.. to So Cal.

  17. Best of luck to you all. Actually Phil I’d love to see the images that you’d capture on your way across country. I haven’t chosen someone to root for (besides myself), you may be at the top of my list. 🙂

  18. i should just cancel my flight back to san diego and stay in Portland and drive the Porsche home

  19. If you have 50 entries Jeremy, I hope to have at least 49.

  20. If I happen to be so lucky as to win this car, I’ll be driving it to Connecticut. I’m already a bit of a shutter bug, so I imagine filling Ryan’s email on a daily basis with pics from the 2900+ mile trip through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

  21. Kristina Brown says

    I am not sure where to find a Porsche in our town. I see them occasionally, but it’s a rare sighting. So I’m not going to get any entries via pictures. It only takes one entry to win though, so my hopes are still high to win this awesome car.

  22. If I was the lucky winner, I’d sell the car and give the money to those less fortunate. Just kidding. Maybe I’d pay it forward somehow. I’d drive the wheels off of it and let my kids enjoy it as well. Like I always say…every man should own a 911 at least once in his life.

  23. Ken had me going there for a second