LAST DAY Porsche Giveawayers!!! Enter BEFORE the Clock Strikes Midnight Tonight!

Just a friendly little reminder that our Porsche Giveaway is ending at 11:59pm tonight, July 31st, 2009. Still PLENTY of time to knock out some entries and give yourself a shot at winning one heck of a sweet ride. As stated in the rules, we’ll be doing the actual drawing next Thursday, August 6th.

Our Vanity Plate for entries ends today as well, so get those submissions in.

I’m curious to hear what people plan to do with the car if they win. Drive it, sell it, track it, take a bat to it in our office parking lot, or??? Anyone planning on driving it home if they win or going to trailer it back?


  1. I am excited to see that the drawing is next Thursday. I didn’t remember when you were exactly going to do it. If the drawing is open to us, I can bring a bottle of wine to the party.

    If I win the car I plan on keeping it to drive on good weather days and sometimes with the top down of course. I will keep my other car for the 3 days of snow we get here in Portland. (Or I guess 3 weeks like last winter). I would definitely drive it home since I live in the Portland area.

  2. I plan on flying up to Oregon to pick up the car sometime soon after I win it. After taking my favorite web guys out to lunch, I’ll climb into the Porsche and get to know her for 1,000 miles down I-5… stopping occasionally for some photo opts so I can show this community my travels.

    Once in LA I’ll drive that car all over the place and capture it all on my camera. I’ve already got some great shots in mind: Santa Monica Pier, Rose Bowl, Dodger Stadium.. oh it’s gonna be fun!

  3. Quick! everybody panic! Flood Ryan with everything you can! If the contest ends at midnight, make him stay up that late just sorting out all the submissions!

  4. Wow – can’t believe we’re already there.
    Are you going to hold a public drawing so the local yokels can come down and hiss and boo when one of the out-of-staters wins? 🙂

  5. Suzy Horvath says

    Would love to take a drive to Salem to pick up this SWEET car!!

  6. oh boy…hmmm, if i won….Drive back (east coast) or trailer?…The romance of a cross country ride sounds nice, The reality is racking up miles and risking her to the elements and trying to drive 10 hours while crossing my legs…Not so romantic..Although she is superbly engineered and can handle it…she`s not a Kenworth that gets revenue per mile lol.

    She would be my first Porsche and like the kid in the commercial, …The someday arrived, special kinship made and would get treated as such. …Mine for the duration …no more doodling in class 🙂

  7. If I won it I would sell it on craigs list and by a BMW…kidding of course! Would love to drive it all the way back to the east coast; that would be some road trip. Like the Gumball 3000 in a sweet Porsche.

  8. would fly up,drive it back to new orleans area,drive it all the time(no snow here),and keep everyone up to to travel so i would sent photos from around the country.trailers are for cars that can’t keep at highway speeds or are`going to a car show.

  9. …oh and lots of places to share some photo ops with the friends on the blog on a weekly basis ….New England scenery and a 911 cab 🙂

  10. would have to keep it.porsche’s are meant to be driven and i would be putting plenty of miles on it!

  11. I have always wanted to drive across the country and I cant think of a better car to do it in. a free 911 convertible now that would be a good story.

  12. @Brad – what the hell does this mean?

    “…and trying to drive 10 hours while crossing my legs…”

  13. I have had to basically halt the restoration on my 944 because my daily driver has had some troubles. But if i won i would sell my daily driver to some highschool kid who needs a first car and continue to fix my 944. Oh and you better believe i’d drive it home. All the way back to South Carolina. Damn, thats gonna be a hell of a long drive. Good thing i’ll have a porsche 😉

  14. Are you kidding me. I’d keep and drive it as my daily drive. Sure would beat the 02 Corolla I make the trip in.

  15. Ryan – you should do a live webcam feed of the drawing via ustream or something

  16. Oregon to Virginia in a Porsche 911. What a great
    trip that will be for me (with a bit of Luck)

    thanks again and good luck to all.

    someone will be extremely happy when they find out
    they’re the winner of this beautiful Porsche.

  17. hmmmm all of a sudden i feel like a wet blanket suggesting to trailer it (if fortunate to win) lol. I`m not one to think Porsches shouldnt be driven. But i think about hording those extra 3k in miles for beach (Cape Cod) and mountain trip photo ops here……Maybe i flip a coin …or maybe i still firmly suggest i`m not driving a Kenworth 🙂

  18. can the car be delivered at all??

  19. actually i plan on getting the soundtrack to top gun and blasting that while i wear the ray ban’s i bought to go with the car and drive the old columbia river highway up to crown point in oregon. maybe i’ll have a lucky passenger or maybe i’ll just keep it between myself and the car

  20. Well it is officially August 1 12:54 am est. as I type this. Or are we going by west coast time?! haha

  21. Galen Wood says

    Thanks so much for doing this – pretty cool giveaway, been fun to read and post every day.

  22. I lived in So Cal and went to college in No Cal. I hitched a ride with my friend to college in a 911 that broke down on I 5 freeway near Kettleman, CA. I stunk so bad along the road while we were waiting for the tow truck to come by. I still think of that 911 whenever I drive that same stinky area of CA!

  23. @ Andrew..I have an obsession with making good driving time ala George Costanza …….stretching out bathroom breaks lol .I make jokes by percentages, I throw as many as i can out there and hope a few land…this one didnt lol

  24. Ryan – I don’t know how difficult it would be, but it would be great to see the entry totals for say, the top 10-20 entry-getters to see who the real comment/entry hogs were.

  25. drive it all the way back to Virginia, with plenty of
    visit stops in between.

  26. Casey – the problem with restoring a 944 is that it usually costs way more than the book value of buying another one that is in good shape. If you love the car, fix it, and don’t look it up in the blue book for a year or so.

  27. Andrew, I’m definitely an entry hog, and have been called out on that once or twice…but I always try to post something relevant…at least in my own mind.


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