Porsche Story

This story is from Brent. Always cool to see pricing and how things stack up when you go to sell:

I bought my first Porsche in 1987 (a red 1983 914 with black leather interior) ….. found out it had been “chopped” and rebuilt. As expected, it became more of a liability than a joy, and I sold it for at a $2,000 loss in 1989.

Second purchase was a 1987 928S, black on black …… mean, lean and not too far in between! ….. it basically roared, but had a ton of mechanical issues. I paid $8,000 for it, put another $8,000 into it, drove it for a year, and sold it for $12,500.

Then finally, in 1999 I bought a convertible 968 (black on black) with low miles (23,000). Paid $25,000 for it through a Florida dealer on an internet ad, drove it for a year (ran great but very slow), and eventually sold it for $28,000.

Love the feel of them ….. would consider buying another convertible (possibly a Boxter-S or 911 Cabriolet).

Portland, OR


  1. Nice deals. Get to drive a Porsche for a year or two for not too big of an investment. If you buy a Porsche ‘right’ you can usually do pretty well on resale. A relative of mine bought one right and drove it for many years and didn’t lose any money.

  2. The 968 Cabriolet is the one of Porsche’s best kept secrets – even a 15+ year old car that runs and looks great can be had for a reasonable price.

  3. Hey, I love the city of Portland! I also like Porsches. I also like pizza. Ever added tuna fish and cream of mushroom soup to a couple of packages of macaroni and cheese? It’s really tasty!!


  4. Heres to Porsches keeping its resale value 😀

  5. Cheryl Everly says

    This is my dream car, and I live in Portland Oregon so not too far to go pick it up…..Hmmm going to Salem to pick up a winning, not the lottery but just as good….. 🙂

  6. ah, something i am not able to say yet…

    “i bought my first porsche….”

  7. good luck on your next purchase.be sure and have it checked out first.

  8. I have always wanted to drive a 944 or 968 convertible. they have a beautiful look.

  9. 944/968 are still headturners and reasonable.good luck on your next buy!

  10. not much different than my story, only i havent sold mine. i paid 1500 for my 944 and have put 1500 into it so far. but i still have another 5000 worth of work to do 🙁

  11. Actually, When you have the passion for the car you got, You never really lose any money on them. Its just experience tuition 🙂