Drop the Hammer in Switzer Performance Innovations Sledgehammer

Andrew, one of our fine PorschePerfect.com readers, suggested we highlight a little aftermarket tuning company churning out some amazing Porsches. The name of the company is Switzer Performance Innovations founded by Tym Switzer and located in Oberlin, Ohio. The company has been focusing on building show-quality exhausts and bolt-on performance products for a couple of Porsche models, specifically the 996 Turbo and 997 Turbo.

Things have been going extremely well for them according to a recent blog entry on their site. They mention working 12 to 15 hour days retooling a number of their upgrades into bolt-on kits easily installed by authorized dealers. This is a significant change from their previous business focus of doing everything themselves in house. A great problem to be facing.

That’s all well and good, but let’s get on to the good stuff. Switzer has been playing around with a project car called the SLEDGEHAMMER for nearly a year now. Showing up for the first time (that I can find) in January 2009, this was a 1000 hp (yes ONE THOUSAND) beast that performed some crazy feats on the track, yet was docile enough to drive to and from. Check out this video of the final attempt on the quarter mile:

Unbelievable performance! 0-60 in the mid 2 second range and over 145 mph at the quarter mile! I can’t even imagine driving something like that. I wonder if after driving something like that, everything else would just seem boring and underpowered?

For those interested, and have cash to spare, you can pick up your own SLEDGEHAMMER package for $49,990, not including the base Porsche 997 Turbo.

For those running $10k shy of the SLEDGEHAMMER package, and who own a 997 GT2 instead of a 997 Turbo, no worries, SPI has you covered. They have an 800 hp GT2 package (shown in the images above and below) that is a true bolt-on package. Think special fuel is required? Think again. This package runs on 93 octane pump gas.

Switzer describes the car as “an everyday hyper-performing exotic” that is also “manageable on the street”. Be interesting to see official performance numbers when they come out.

Check out the Switzer Performance Innovations site here for more info and more pictures: Switzer Performance Innovations.


  1. That is a sweet looking silver one. The videos were great and the Switzer site was pretty impressive. The more I see the tuner sites the more I want to have one 911 totally stock and another one tuned for track performance.

  2. Can you really improve on the Porsche brand? After looking at these images and hearing the specs about what Switzer is doing.. I think I can say YES. Great looking cars here, and stinking powerful too.

  3. p.s. – 2 days remaining to get those entries in people!!

  4. The way it should be,,right?…drove it in, made a few passes, drove it home…you CAN have it all!! 1000 HP grocery getting exotic,..SICK numbers!! I would not want to drive this…My project “Roxster” would feel like a gerbil powered go kart 🙂

  5. mitchell says

    thats a great name – the SLEDGEHAMMER package. i’d probably kill myself trying to drive something that fast.

  6. that is incredible!dragster fast AND handles like a porsche.

  7. Think that engine will fit in a boxster?

  8. how long would it take to lose your driver’s license
    in one of these things?

  9. this car is absolutely amazing. could Porsche Perfect
    give one of these away too?

  10. that sound and acceleration was just flat out amazing!!!

  11. I love the silver one. Out of this world!

  12. That is unbelievable. Props to Switzer for really stepping it up and evolving the GT2/ turbos to as you referred, “an everyday hyper-performance exotic.”

  13. How do you get 1000 bhp and you can drive around
    regular streets with no problem?

  14. Cool post. Is tomorrow the last day of the contest?!!?!! The final countdown!

  15. @Brad – your “gerbil powered go kart” comment made me laugh as it reminded me of that Kia Soul commercial with those gerbils running on the wheels when the red Kia comes bumping up to the light with them inside. That is how I will remember your “Roxster” from now on. It isn’t red, by chance, is it? 🙂

  16. @ Andrew lol Yeah i thought of that commercial too lol!! …Actually a little Boxster, w/ 500 HP… more than enough to twist it around in the other direction faster than you can say “Roxster” lol I have to make sure i dont totally buzzkill my idea….So i am making sure i don`t paint it red to remind you of that 🙂

  17. @ James O….I throw the question back at you…Can we get that 1000 HP plant into a Boxster?…If so …Back to drawing board for project “Roxster” 🙂

  18. think it would take me a while before i would run it all out.1000 h.p.?wow.

  19. my dad has a switzer exhaust on his 964, it sounds awesome

  20. I can’t even imagine what that would feel like.. maybe the Superman ride at Magic Mnt?

  21. Thanks for the opportunity

  22. well ryan with enough daily readers the sky is the limit to what you could give away right??

  23. One thing to note is how this guy launched on that run, Pretty good idea. He only stomped the gas enough to get it on a quick roll..and then got into it. Good thinking because if you mash that thing off the line its probably smoking up the hides all the way down the quarter with no effort at all. Look at his numbers!

  24. I wonder if Santa could put this car on his list to deliver
    for me on Christmas?

  25. Galen Wood says

    Wow, that is some amazing stuff. 1k hp is unbelievable, if only there was somewhere i could legally utilize it…

  26. On second thought, I`d like to have at this thing!…Strap me in i `ll drive anything with wheels on it!…. So i spoil my 500 hp Project Roxster….Might motivate me to work harder to make enough coin to make Project Roxster 1000!

  27. …..My last post means, Too much HP? NO SUCH THING!! 🙂