Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Gets A Fresh Look

Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Interior

There's nothing like a Cab on a sunny day just about anywhere in the world. In the Pacific Northwest, when it's sunny, it's one of the most beautiful places to be. Over the years I've been able to enjoy a few open top cars including the Porsche 911 … [Continue reading]

Ultimate Porsche House

We've covered a few car houses over the years on AutobahnBound.com, with more than a few extremely zealous owners. This, however, is probably one of the most addicted owners I've ever read about. He loves his Porsche so much, he built his house with … [Continue reading]

Porsche Adds A Little Web To The Porsche 918 Spyder

I've mentioned before that it feels like we're reliving the 80's all over again with the release of the Porsche 918 Spyder. I love the technology Porsche has developed and can't wait to see how quickly it trickles down to it's other models. We have … [Continue reading]

Porsche 912 Barn Find

Barn Find Classic Porsche 912 Restoration

I've had this video bookmarked for about a week now. The video isn't a thriller in terms of action, but stick with it. There are some great facts pointed out during the video and who doesn't love a great barn find! For all you aspiring barn … [Continue reading]

Gorgeous Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Pictures

I happened across a site today that represents photographers. Photographer Jan Steinhilber was commissioned to take some photos of the 50th Anniversary Porsche 911. Here are a few of my favorites: Check out all of the images here: Jan … [Continue reading]

3 Minute Teardown Of A Porsche 911 Engine

One thing I wish I had more experience with is mechanical stuff. I know a few things and have done some basics like changing oil, brake pads, balancing tires, etc, but nothing much more. Some day I'd still like to have a little garage to tinker in … [Continue reading]

New Porsche 911 Turbo S In The Wild

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S

We happened to be sitting outside at a little restaurant in Portland yesterday and spotted a gorgeous Porsche 911 Turbo swing by on the street. Looked and sounded great, even though it was just low speeds and it was making a turn. Reminded me of a … [Continue reading]

Singer Porsche 911 Video Review

Singer Porsche 911 Shop

I've been a LOOOONG time fan of the Singer Porsche 911. Since the company launched, actually, back in 2009. My first post about them is still one of my favorite on this site and is a car I dream about every so often (you can check it out here: Singer … [Continue reading]

Porsche Parkour

porsche parkour

What do you get when you pair a Porsche 911 with four dudes adept at parkour? Porsche Parkour! I was over on FlatSixes.com yesterday, checking out one of the best Porsche blogs on the Internet, and happened across a video they put up recently … [Continue reading]

Happy 4th of July From AutobahnBound.com!

ferrari fireworks

For those of us living in the States, it's a great day to celebrate our freedom and the great country we live in. Happy 4th of July! Be safe out there! [Image Source: RGT3 Pics] … [Continue reading]