Porsche Parkour

What do you get when you pair a Porsche 911 with four dudes adept at parkour? Porsche Parkour!

I was over on FlatSixes.com yesterday, checking out one of the best Porsche blogs on the Internet, and happened across a video they put up recently detailing the adventure of 5 people. It’s French made and highlights some amazing scenery and parkour action. I’m fascinated by parkour, so that’s an easy sell. Add some great driving footage of Porsche 997 and gorgeous French scenery, and voila!

Check out FlatSixes.com here: A Porsche 911 Races Four Parkour Athletes. They even have the translation from the end of the video on the original post if you’re interested.


  1. hi Ryan, I’m the French composer of the soudntrack of this movie. I just would like to thank you very much for your very kind article on the film. Me and Pascal the director really appreciate this.

  2. Hey, Ryan,

    What do you mean “one” of the best Porsche sites? 🙂 Thanks for the shout out!