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Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche Type 64 on it’s way to the States – I hadn’t realized it, but for the first time ever, Porsche Type 64 is leaving German soil. It will be part of the “Allure of the Automobile” exhibit Porsche is sponsoring in Atlanta. The exhibit runs from March 21 thru June 20, 2010. This presents […]

An Unlikely Showdown: 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder vs. 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport

Steve, one of our readers, sent me a link to a Motor Trend article this past week. MT decided to do a comparison between the 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder and the 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport. I have to say, this one was a bit surprising for a number of reasons. I’ll admit that my […]

TECHART GTStreet R: Pure Driving Ecstasy

TECHART announced the GTStreet R based on the Porsche 911 Turbo yesterday. In true Porsche 911 Turbo fashion, the same mystique that has always held a special place in people’s hearts since 1974, has been captured by TECHART in their latest interpretation. I simply LOVE the black with red accents. I was just mentioning to […]

Tempting Porsches #29

Tempting Porsche #1 I’m continually amazed at the prices of 944 Turbos these days. If you find a decent one, that hasn’t been abused like so many 944s have, you can have yourself one heck of a car with a lot of power for not a lot of cash. This brings us to the first […]

Only 1 Week Left To WIN!

For those of you who haven’t yet submitted your entry into our latest Giveaway, you have less than a week to do so. Entering is easy. All you need to do is submit your name suggestion for Brad’s Project Roxster here: New Giveaway. You can see the entries on that page and also […]

Gemballa Avalanche GTR 650 EVO-R Wingdoor

I ran across the Gemballa Avalanche GTR 650 EVO-R Wingdoor version on the Gemballa site a week or so ago. I’d seen the GTR 650, but had not seen the Wingdoor facelift. I’m not sure what it is about funky door hinges, but I love ’em. It could be a combo of the Lamborghini Countach’s […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Uwe Gemballa kidnapped? – German police are fearing the worst for Gemballa’s founder, Uwe Gemballa. He went missing last week while in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was supposed to be there for 3 days to discuss expanding Gemballa into the country. A German car site,, reported Uwe phoned his wife shortly after arriving in […]

Porsche 924 Video

Just a warning, this is inappropriate for the die hard Porsche enthusiast in general, and DEFINITELY for any Porsche 924 lovers that still exist in the world. Really, this probably doesn’t belong on a blog dedicated to Porsche cars, but I couldn’t help myself. Maybe there’s a little backwoods hick in me after all.

Porsche Driver Training Options

Everyone wants to be a better driver. Actually, every Porsche enthusiast wants to be a better driver. That’s probably more accurate. I think it comes with the territory when you love Porsche cars. Largely because driver training often comes with the opportunity to go fast in a controlled environment (or at least that’s how it […]

Gemballa Goodness

I was on the Gemballa press site today and ran across a bunch of Gemballa pictures from years gone by. A number of them are creations from the 80’s. These are too good not to post. Many of you will not like any of these cars, and that’s okay. If you had to choose one, […]