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Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche Design Studio sales are UP – In a time when we’re in some of the worst financial shape our country, and potentially our world, has ever seen, we have these interesting anomalies. They’re reporting that sales are up by more than 170% over the past two years. Interestingly, this was reported BEFORE the holiday […]

Win a Porsche Outlaw 356

I read about this fundraiser last month, but completely forgot to post it on the blog. Maybe it was some subconscious move to try and increase my chances of winning one heck of a sweet Porsche Outlaw 356! James O. reminded me of it last week though, so now everyone will have a chance to […]

9ff Porsche Monstrous Supercar

News and links about the latest 9ff Porsche creation have been going around for a bit now. I’m late to the game, but still wanted to put this up because this is one of those crazy amazing supercars that stands to again propel Porsche to the top of the speed pack. Last year, 9ff broke […]

The Man And The Porsche Video

I don’t know much about the car or the driver, but I liked the footage and video work. Especially the last scene. Can you imagine having access to a track and a car like that on a gorgeous day like that? We can only dream.

Ferdinand Porsche Biography on CNBC

I got an email a couple of days ago from a guy named Kevin over at CNBC. He told me they were airing an episode of BIOGRAPHY on Monday featuring Ferdinand Porsche. The clip above (after the 15 second commercial) is from the show and will give you a taste of what’s coming on Monday. […]

Historic Porsche or Marketing Fake?

I passed on mentioning this car last week because I had determined in my mind that this was a fake. After taking another look, I’m not 100% sure, although I’m still leaning towards that end. I thought I’d throw it out here to see what everyone thought. This particular car is a prototype designed and […]

Porsche 959 Speedster

I really don’t understand people sometimes. In this case, it’s someone who took a 1977 Porsche 911 and completely bastardized the thing. I know a 1977 911 is not the most desirable car, but come on, I’d love to own one and would be proud to drive it. Instead, someone decided it was a great […]

Porsche 911 GT3 Tries To Outrun Police

We’re doing double video Monday today. I ran across this video today and couldn’t stop watching. I could only understand “Porsche” when they said that. Other than that, I was clueless to what they were saying. The footage is crazy though. One site had this up: A 42-year old man from Purmerend, the Netherlands is […]

Porsche 993 Owner’s Video

Ben, one of our readers sent me this video a couple of days ago. When I brought it up, I realized that had it on their video channel on YouTube. It’s a great video that answers some often raised questions such as Why is the Porsche ignition key on the left?, Why does […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Pelikan to manufacture and distribute Porsche Design pens – I’m a big pen guy. Have always loved pens and watches, along with Porsches. Pelikan, although they have some low end stuff that isn’t all that compelling, has medium and higher end lines that are gorgeous. I’ve got a couple along with an old 1950’s Pelikan […]