Weekly Porsche Wrap

Pelikan to manufacture and distribute Porsche Design pens – I’m a big pen guy. Have always loved pens and watches, along with Porsches. Pelikan, although they have some low end stuff that isn’t all that compelling, has medium and higher end lines that are gorgeous. I’ve got a couple along with an old 1950’s Pelikan fountain pen. I think we’re going to see some great Porsche Design pens come out of this partnership when Pelikan starts producing their versions in 2011. [Via Biz.Thestar.com]


Porsche Design sled – I mentioned this in December 2008, but I just can’t help but bring it up again, with a picture this time. This is just one sexy looking piece of snow “machinery.” The Porsche Design sled has a sleek aluminum frame with an imitation leather seat. I’m not sure I’d go careening down the sledding hill on this little beauty, but I have to say, it’s pretty tempting. Course once you look at the nearly $500 price tag, that’s enough to pretty much erase any temptation. [Via PorscheDesign.com]

3-wheel Porsche 911 pulled over by trooper – “The car was fine when I left my friends’ house,” was the driver’s response when the trooper pulled him over and had him get out to see that his right real wheel was missing and his front tire was completely flat. Evidently the 62-year old Seattle man thought the grinding noise coming from the rear of the car was because his transmission was going out. Anyone else reminded of the hillbillies jumping the Porsche 928 out in the hills? [Via SeattlePI.com]