Porsche 959 Speedster

I really don’t understand people sometimes. In this case, it’s someone who took a 1977 Porsche 911 and completely bastardized the thing. I know a 1977 911 is not the most desirable car, but come on, I’d love to own one and would be proud to drive it.

Instead, someone decided it was a great platform for some bizarre hatchet job. They started by chopping off the roof. They then put a 959 tail end on the rear (that looks decent enough), a combo 928/slantnose on the front end, and some funky sides on it along with monster wheels.

Not sure if they didn’t have enough money to finish the project, but the front hood doesn’t match…OR…maybe that was intentional. All part of the package.

The price? Just $12,995. Looks like it’s sold though. Was up on the Seattle Craigslist.

Reminds me of the Porsche 359 I put up a little over a year ago: Porsche 359.

If I had an UNtempting Porsches list, this would be at the top.


  1. YUCK!!!!

  2. I don’t know the yellow one from Florida may be ahead in the ugly race. I remember seeing a lot of these back in the eighties in Germany.

  3. The hood is actually “carbon fiber” to give it that sweet Fast & Furious look that most Porsche enthusiasts are really into. Included in the look is what appears to be a spray-painted shift boot. What a disaster.

  4. Very UNtempting.