Ferdinand Porsche Biography on CNBC

I got an email a couple of days ago from a guy named Kevin over at CNBC. He told me they were airing an episode of BIOGRAPHY on Monday featuring Ferdinand Porsche. The clip above (after the 15 second commercial) is from the show and will give you a taste of what’s coming on Monday.

Tune in to CNBC on Monday, January 11th at 10pm ET to see the episode. I’ve already got the Tivo set to record.


  1. Love the 911 – will be watching tonight – after a special on the Detroit Auto Show – let’s see how the old holds up against the new

  2. Tuned in at 10 pm ET, and they didn’t show it :(, they kept on showing the stocks, I guess they screwed up somewhere, I even waited until 11 pm ET and they showed the correct show that they were going to show.

  3. Aired in Hampton Roads on CNBC @9p on November 15, 2010