New Giveaway

In honor of me FINALLY watching Le Mans (ruthless bookie can hop off my back now!), arguably one of the best, if not THE best Porsche movies of all time, we’re going to start a little Giveaway. From today thru March 2, 2010, you can enter to win.

Hunting Porsches In The Wild

When Ryan and I discussed running this contest, we weren’t sure what day was best, so we chose September 30 almost at random. As it turned out, I had a really busy day, so I was only going to be able to dedicate about 3 hours to my hunt. To prepare for the hunt, I […]

Ruthless Bookie Trash Talkin

Here it is folks, I’m going to spend a day of my REALLY %$&*# valuable time taking pictures of fine German cars from that joint over there in Stuttgart. You’ve had some questions regarding the rules, and my location, and I’ve answered most of those. But not all. Here’s what you probably already know: – […]

Porsche Giveaway Video Wrapup

Here’s our final video wrapup on the Porsche Giveaway. Enjoy seeing the final moments we had with the car along with Jeff’s first few moments.

Don’t Forget To Enter Our Latest Giveaway

As of this morning, we only had 9 (yes NINE) entries in our latest giveaway at I realize we’re not giving away a Porsche this time around, but come on! There are more readers on this blog than THAT! Let’s get some more entries going. I know everyone wants to have hugely great odds […]

Win A Porsche Design ????

We’ve got a new little giveaway for you to enter. This one is easy. Ruthless Bookie has volunteered to spend an entire day of his life taking pictures of all the Porsches he can find in his area. These will be Porsches “in the wild” meaning no Porsche Dealership cars will count. One picture per […]