New Giveaway

In honor of me FINALLY watching Le Mans (ruthless bookie can hop off my back now!), arguably one of the best, if not THE best Porsche movies of all time, we’re going to start a little Giveaway. From today thru March 2, 2010, you can enter to win.

First off, the giveaway entry method. A while back Brad, one of our PorschePerfect readers, wrote up a 2-part series detailing how he would build a Carrera GT replacement on the Porsche Boxster platform. It was a great series and you can check out both parts here:  Porsche’s Mid-Engine Gap (P.R. Part 1) & Project Roxster – The Ultimate Boxster (P.R. Part 2).

He took to calling his “affordable” supercar Project Roxster. Then Porsche, a few months later, reveals it’s plans to build a smaller SUV called…yep…the Roxster. James O, another PorschePerfect reader suggested we hold a little contest to rename Brad’s project. And of course, we’re going to let Brad choose his favorite.

To enter, all you need to do is submit a comment with your name suggestion. Include an explanation if you want, but it’s not required. Here are the official contest rules:

  • One entry per person.
  • Winner will be notified using the email you submit when posting your comment. This is the ONLY way we will contact you.
  • First come, first served for entries. The timestamp on the comment rules in the case of two identical submissions.
  • Winner will be chosen by Brad and his decision is final.
  • reserves the right to refuse any entries, disqualify anyone for cheating (not sure how you’d cheat in this one, but if it happens, you’re out!), or filter entries for content.

Alright, so on to what you win! You probably already guessed it. It’s a copy of Le Mans on DVD. It’s a great movie and a must watch/must own for any Porsche or racing enthusiast. If that’s not enough incentive for you, you also get the title of “Winner” and the satisfaction of reducing all the others you beat out to tears. Maybe you can even swing a ride in Brad’s Project Roxster once it’s built.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


  1. Congratulations, I love Le Mans. I found it at Wall Mart once for 5 bucks a copy, I bought all they had and gave one to all my car guy friends.

  2. Carrester

  3. boxrera

  4. I propose the name Project Coxster — the combination of “Carrera” & “Boxster”… and because there’s nothing like a mid-engine supercar on a budget to alleviate any man’s inferiority complex. 😀

  5. SpeedBox

  6. Speedster GT

  7. H6 Speedster

    with maybe 3.? (which ever engine you end up using) nearby.

  8. I would simply call it a Boxster GT. Taking the Boxster’s name and the GT from the CGT. I say keep it simple.

  9. Supercup GTS (988)

  10. Porsche 397

  11. Boxster Super 500. Kind of a throwback to the 356 Super 90, when 90 hp was something to brag about. Gotta admit that I like Greg’s post too.

  12. SS500 – This would designate Super Sport the minimum hp and every few years when they bump the hp the could change it to SS525 and so on.

  13. Boxster GSGT

  14. to along with the pepper theme that was used with the cayenne i’m going to say…


  15. My official entry:

    Carrera MiniMe


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