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David Hobbs Autographed Mug

Here it is folks, I’m going to spend a day of my REALLY %$&*# valuable time taking pictures of fine German cars from that joint over there in Stuttgart. You’ve had some questions regarding the rules, and my location, and I’ve answered most of those.

But not all.

Here’s what you probably already know:

– For example, y’all know I’m from Connecticut, a place where NOBODY says y’all.

– If you’ve been paying attention, you may also have discovered that Connecticut is a small state – but the highest per-capita income in the country.

– I am a member of CVR-PCA

– More Porsche Dealerships per capita than any other state. I’m not taking dealership pics, but…think about it.


For those of you who were holding out till the last minute, I’ll give you some additional info:

I like ice cream sandwiches.

Good Luck,

Ruthless Bookie

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  1. Haha, I’m also from connecticut and have no idea how many porsches ruthless will see. I did send an email with a random guess however!

  2. Its Newyorkachusetts!

  3. Brad, is that from the dunkins commercial? Ive lived in New England 21 years and never heard that but now twice in two weeks. Ruthless, happy hunting.

  4. Isnt ct where those things got hedgefunds are?

  5. Russ, the crash & burn hedge-funders go to the Hamptons, the rest are here in CT figuring out how to keep their ex-wives happy

  6. i meant “Called”
    terribly typing

    never been out there, should make a trip sometime. do a little crash and burn myself