Porsche Giveaway Video Wrapup

Here’s our final video wrapup on the Porsche Giveaway. Enjoy seeing the final moments we had with the car along with Jeff’s first few moments.


  1. Thompson twins, a rubber glove and a wildman named Jeff lol…..Another good video guys! Brock cracks me up lol

  2. Its cool the winner lived close and got to pick it up and drive it home. So jealous!!

  3. Yes, I really was excited and still am, but I just didn’t want to spoil who the winner was with my original post. lol. I really was in shock and couldn’t believe you called my name. I was so happy to hear that. We were giving each other ‘high-fives’, and were so happy.

    I spent today cruising around town in the Porsche with the top down and it was a beautiful day for it. The car runs great and is fun to drive and Andrea loves cruising around in it with me.

    Brock, that is not exactly the type of rubber glove I had in mind. I had in mind the black leather driving gloves, wait, we had a posting on that didn’t we…

  4. Another great video, keep up the good work. Congrats to Jeff and his unrestrained exuberance.

  5. Got to see “THE” car today. Jeff drove it to work! Really beautiful. I so jealous. Jeff really IS exicted. We all gathered around it this morning and drooled over it.
    So when do we get a ride Jeff?

  6. This was basically the first day I have really felt up to driving the Porsche because of my back. So, I went back to work today and it was the best commute I have ever had. I will be happy to give rides to all of you at work. Man this thing handles the corners awesome. Fun, fun, fun to drive.