Billionaire’s Exclusive Porsche (uh, that stands for Business Standard Motoring, not the other BS) had a cool blog post titled “A Billion to One” where they talked about what a billionaire might drive to stand out from the crowd. Actually more specifically what a billionaire might have done to his/her ride to stand out from the crowd. […]

Memory Lane: Porsche Magazine Covers #2

This is the second installment in my little walk down memory lane. You can read the first one here. This all came about when I ran across a box of old magazines about Porsche cars in my garage a couple of weeks ago. This week’s magazine is one of my all time favorite magazine covers. […]

Porsche 997 GT3 RS Photo

My son and I were at the local Porsche dealership the other day and they had a gorgeous 997 GT3 RS sitting outside the service door. My son grabbed my iPhone and snapped some quick pictures for the blog. This is one amazing car! I love the orange accents and wheels on the black base […]

An Ultimate Porsche

Everyone has their list of ultimate cars.  The ones you’d love to own, but likely are out of the range of your means.  In fact, that should be the definition of an “ultimate car”.  At least at the enthusiast level. I ran across a 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S yesterday that was previously owned by […]