Porsche 997 GT3 RS Photo

My son and I were at the local Porsche dealership the other day and they had a gorgeous 997 GT3 RS sitting outside the service door. My son grabbed my iPhone and snapped some quick pictures for the blog. This is one amazing car! I love the orange accents and wheels on the black base color.

0 to 60 in 4 seconds! This car is definitely on my Ultimate Car List.


  1. not sure about the orange wheels. maybe if the spokes were orange and the rims were black.

  2. The orange wheels and tail make it look pretty racy. Would be good in the right environment, especially the track.

  3. Sweet! I brightened the picture up a little (its hard to see on my monitor) and its awesome!

  4. I love this car, but yeah, orange just isn’t my color. It it was white instead of orange, and the rest of the wheel was black like Jeff said, I would find it perfect. But im just too picky

  5. Yeah this would definitely be my track car and the Giveaway Porsche would be my driver. I talked to a guy that took his Cobra kit car to PIR and had a track day and loved it. I plan on doing this with a Porsche someday.

  6. I like it too – just don’t think I’d be able to rock around town sporting the Beav’s colors. 🙂

  7. Always been a fan of the Gulf Porsche Light blue/ Orange combo

  8. Well Andrew if you are a Duck then you obviously need a bright yellow car with the brakes painted green instead of red. That would be the perfect tailgating car down there.

  9. I’d prefer Gulf Porsche light blue with orange instead of the
    black/orange but I’m just nitpicking.

  10. have to agree;orange wheels are a little strange.

  11. it is unusual.very nice but unusual.

  12. Phil Schneider says

    I want to take that car for a spin

  13. I want this for my birthday!

  14. I don’t know about this car. I’ve never seen one up close and may have to go to the dealer and get a closer look.

  15. friends sure couldn’t mistake for someone else’s.pretty unusual.

  16. From the picture the car looks fine, but I’m not too keen on the orange color

  17. I wonder what they want for this car?

  18. Laura Adams says

    That is one sweet car!