Diesel Porsche…What the heck???

You know by now I, along with many other people, am not a big fan of the Cayenne.  Well, at least the stock Cayenne (see this post on edo Competition’s Cayenne).  So when I read Porsche’s official press release late last month about the Cayenne diesel, of course my first thought was “Now the Cayenne […]

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 5

This is still my favorite even though we already saw the picture on Day 1. I thought the video was a fitting end.

Porsche 911 Turbo Convert Video

From TopGear.com, Jeremy may well be a former Ferrari “only” guy after driving the new Porsche 911 Turbo.  Great video, worth watching.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but he states in the beggining that the exhaust coming out of the latest Porsche 911 Turbo is cleaner air than that in the larger […]

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 4

Porsche never seemed like a car for the winter months, but I still see them at ski resorts and a few driving around all winter. Truly a daily driver.

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 3

Old cars, but I love the white cars set against the white winter day.  Reminds me of some Porsche marketing pictures from the mid-80s.

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 2

How about finding this parked in your driveway on Christmas Day!  I’m always a sucker for a nice car with a bow on it.

It’s a Great Time To Love Porsche

Disclaimer:  I’m not much of a financial guy.  I barely keep up with the news.  I don’t know a lot about the inner workings of the auto industry.  Please don’t hate me because of my ignorance. That said… I was thoroughly pissed off most of the morning yesterday as I watched the “Big Three” auto […]

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 1

Sometimes it takes a particular event, picture or experience to get me in the Christmas spirit. For instance, so far this year, it’s been pretty sunny and unseasonably warm outside in Oregon. It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas is only 20 days away. To help get me (and you!) in the mood, I thought I’d […]

Trade a Track Hoe for a Porsche

It’s interesting to me to see how people value a Porsche. For some, owning just about ANY Porsche would be a once in a lifetime experience. For others, owning a Porsche is akin to, well, owning a small track hoe. Or maybe better put, they’d rather own a small track hoe than a Porsche. Here’s […]

Porsche 997 Video Worth Watching

The video is a little long for my tastes. The start is cool and the middle when he’s ripping around the airstrip. What a great way to blow a set of tires! Definitely worth watching for the production at the start and the driving.