Trade a Track Hoe for a Porsche

It’s interesting to me to see how people value a Porsche. For some, owning just about ANY Porsche would be a once in a lifetime experience. For others, owning a Porsche is akin to, well, owning a small track hoe. Or maybe better put, they’d rather own a small track hoe than a Porsche.

Here’s a Craigslist ad I ran across last night:

1978 Porsche 911 SC Sale or trade – $12000
very nice, with whale tale to look like a later turbo, fairly new paint and new interior, Drive train solid, runs great, really fun to drive. Will consider a trade. I am looking for a nice large travel trailer, a Westfalia Camper, or a small track hoe.

Here are a couple of pictures of the car:

I have no idea what a small track hoe costs, but it just struck me as odd that you’d want to make a trade like that. I guess one man’s junk is truly another man’s treasure.


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