Which to Buy: a Porsche or a Glass Speaker?

In keeping with the bizarre things I’ve run across involving Porsches (remember the person who wanted to trade his Porsche for a track hoe?), tonight I found another strange one. This time, it was on a blog called crave. The question was posed “A Porsche or glass speaker for $168,000?”. Crazy huh?

Looks like the loudspeaker system is named Hario which translated means “the king of glass” and took over 44 months to develop. Now I’m no high end audio aficionado, but I fancy myself a reasonably decent judge of decent speakers and the sound produced from them. However, no part of me would want ever want to take a set of speakers over a Porsche any day.

Heck, $168,000 would buy one dang nice Jerry Seinfeld 911 Turbo S-like ride!