Archives for September 12, 2009

Porsche Giveaway Update UPDATE

We were hoping to have the video done by now, but we’ve run into a couple of technical difficulties. Sometimes that happens when you’re breaking new ground with all sorts of Porsche antics. Sorry for the delay, but hey, it’s a freakin PORSCHE we’re givin away here. It’s gotta be just right. Should be done […]

12-Year-Old Commissioned to Design 928 Replacement?

Alright, not really, but IF a 12-year-old actually did Photoshop these Cayman images into a possible 928 replacement, I’m dang impressed. I’d say he’s got a future in car design, or at the very least graphic design. Here’s what he sent into Jalopnik with his photos: Hi, I’m 12 and I photoshopped a couple pictures […]