12-Year-Old Commissioned to Design 928 Replacement?

Alright, not really, but IF a 12-year-old actually did Photoshop these Cayman images into a possible 928 replacement, I’m dang impressed. I’d say he’s got a future in car design, or at the very least graphic design. Here’s what he sent into Jalopnik with his photos:

Hi, I’m 12 and I photoshopped a couple pictures of the Cayman to make a 928. The 2011 928 would get a 300hp Panamera V6 with RWD. The 928 GTS would look sportier with a GT3 style rear wing, a 400hp V8, and also RWD. The 928 S4 would have a wider track than the 928, get a 400hp V8 engine and have AWD. Finally the 928 Turbo would get the same 500hp V8 from the Panamera Turbo, but would be much much faster than the Panamera due to the light-weight coupe layout, it would also have a wider track to accommodate the AWD. Pricing for the base 928 would start around $60K, the GTS about $75K, the S4 $80K+, and the Turbo retailing at about $120K. All while fitting the Porsche philosophy without lacking performance, the 928 would make a spacious Porsche appealing to more buyers.

The more I see the 928, the more I love the design and what it stood for in the Porsche model lineup. Would be awesome to have another car like that again someday. [Source and Images: Jalopnik.com]


  1. Pretty Cool! Nice effort from the kid! I always liked the 928 too, particulay starting with the “S” versions up to GTS.. Had this in my you tube favorites ……


  2. I REALLY like that concept. Agree that it wasn’t a 12yr old who designed it, but regardless of who did photoshop it, I think it’s great.

  3. never liked the looks of the 928, but they handle great

  4. well done.

  5. kids are starting early these days eh

  6. That does look pretty nice. Pretty good job on what could be a prototype of the 928… I would buy it if it looked like that.


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