Porsche 914 Vintage Video

I’m not sure how I ended up watching this video yesterday, but I’m glad I happened on it. I love these videos of older cars, both modern reviews of old cars as well as vintage video reviews from when the cars were new. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Porsche 914, not […]

Porsche 911 GT3 Rally Goodness

I can’t think of a much better way to kick off a Monday than with some Porsche 911 GT3 Rally footage. This video is a highlight reel of Ruben Zeltner from 2011 and 2012 events. Some great action, and even better sounds. Crank it up and enjoy your Monday!

Pagani Huayra Review and Test Video

Top Gear kicked off it’s 19th season with a BANG! They secured a Pagani Huayra to test on the Top Gear test track. This video is 11 minutes of pure Pagani goodness. Certainly not as in depth as the video I posted a few weeks ago (Pagani Huayra Supercar Video), but it’s definitely entertaining with […]

McLaren 50th Anniversary Video

At first I wasn’t sure about this video, until I realized it was a tribute to Bruce McLaren, the founder of McLaren Automotive. The video is really well done and provides some insight into Bruce McLaren’s life and the tragic accident that took his life on the Goodwood Circuit in 1970. This is the first […]

One Man’s Treasure Porsche 911 Is Another’s Object Of Desire

I found this video on Jalopnik today, and have to say it is probably the coolest video I’ve watched since the Magnus Walker stuff that floated around a couple of months ago. Jack Olsen built what many consider to be the perfect Porsche garage. It’s a small, 2 car garage that Jack has built out […]

McLaren P1 Video Released

I’ve really come to love McLaren cars over the past year. I find myself dreaming about them as much as I do other exotics, sharing space in my mental dream garage. This new McLaren P1 video just continues to bolster the love affair. I had the video sound cranked up when I played it and […]

4 Cars Take On The 200 MPH Mark

Most car guys are also speed freaks. At least the modern day car guys. That’s not to say there out breaking the law and driving dangerously on public roads. No, but many of them, if not most, do dream about the ultimate mark our modern day supercars chase after. Topping the 200 MPH mark. I […]

Porsche Art Video

I’m amazed at some of the talent of street artists. Especially with huge murals. To have that kind of vision and be able to execute on what’s in your brain. Amazing! This one includes a cool Porsche 911 in it.

Pagani Huayra Supercar Video

I came across this video this morning while looking around YouTube. It’s not a short one, but well worth the watch. The video details the development, testing process, and some history behind the Pagani Huayra. Talk about a dedicated car builder, Horacio¬†Pagani has got to be one of the most passionate car builders on the […]

Porsche 911 Backdrop Video

This will probably be one of the coolest videos you will ever see where the car never moves. I am absolutely blown away by people’s creativity and how they’re able to use something completely out of the ordinary like the silhouette of a car to create an engaging video that evokes strong emotion. What a […]