Custom Rims For A Special Car Courtesy of GEMBALLA

It’s no secret I’ve been a long time fan of GEMBALLA. They’re still one of my favorite tuners, especially in Porsche car arena, from the 80’s. That’s one of the reasons it’s thrilling to see them lead the pack for accessorizing high end cars like the McLaren P1. GEMBALLA just announced it has readied the […]

McLaren P1 Video Released

I’ve really come to love McLaren cars over the past year. I find myself dreaming about them as much as I do other exotics, sharing space in my mental dream garage. This new McLaren P1 video just continues to bolster the love affair. I had the video sound cranked up when I played it and […]

McLaren Debuts the P1 Billed as the Ultimate Supercar

Although details are a bit on the sparse side, the McLaren P1 made it’s debut at the Paris Motor Show that recently kicked off at the end of September. The company’s aim with the P1? “To be the best driver’s car in the world on road and track.” Sounds simple enough. A couple of features […]