One Man’s Treasure Porsche 911 Is Another’s Object Of Desire

I found this video on Jalopnik today, and have to say it is probably the coolest video I’ve watched since the Magnus Walker stuff that floated around a couple of months ago.

Jack Olsen built what many consider to be the perfect Porsche garage. It’s a small, 2 car garage that Jack has built out to perfectly fit his needs. It’s got plenty of workbench space, and even a car lift built into the floor on one side.

The garage is home to what I consider to be one of the perfect everyday man’s Porsche 911’s as well. It’s a black, 1972 Porsche 911 with an updated engine, suspension, RSR-style ducktail spoiler, and a number of other mods. The car serves as an around town car, track car, and pretty much everything in between.

The thing I love about what Jack has put together with his garage as well as his Porsche 911, is it’s practical, usable, and within reach of most Porscheophiles. The car is a driver, a track car, etc. He can run it around town, take it out for a weekend joy ride, or drive it to the track for some competition.

His garage is extremely modest, and was built with a $3,500 budget. I love the practical approach, which is likely why he’s getting so much attention.

I kept thinking about Magnus Walker while watching the video.

Check out the story and pictures about Jack’s garage here: The 12-Gauge Garage.

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