Porsche 912 Barn Find

I’ve had this video bookmarked for about a week now. The video isn’t a thriller in terms of action, but stick with it. There are some great facts pointed out during the video and who doesn’t love a great barn find! For all you aspiring barn finders out there, grab this PDF from the AMMO […]

3 Minute Teardown Of A Porsche 911 Engine

One thing I wish I had more experience with is mechanical stuff. I know a few things and have done some basics like changing oil, brake pads, balancing tires, etc, but nothing much more. Some day I’d still like to have a little garage to tinker in and learn some valuable skills. My goal is […]

New Porsche 911 Turbo S In The Wild

We happened to be sitting outside at a little restaurant in Portland yesterday and spotted a gorgeous Porsche 911 Turbo swing by on the street. Looked and sounded great, even though it was just low speeds and it was making a turn. Reminded me of a post I saw last week on 9Magazine.com (VIDEO: New […]

Singer Porsche 911 Video Review

I’ve been a LOOOONG time fan of the Singer Porsche 911. Since the company launched, actually, back in 2009. My first post about them is still one of my favorite on this site and is a car I dream about every so often (you can check it out here: Singer Porsche 911). I happened across […]

Porsche Parkour

What do you get when you pair a Porsche 911 with four dudes adept at parkour? Porsche Parkour! I was over on FlatSixes.com yesterday, checking out one of the best Porsche blogs on the Internet, and happened across a video they put up recently detailing the adventure of 5 people. It’s French made and highlights […]

A Driver’s Car Collection

I’ve always said that I don’t think I could own cars I couldn’t drive and enjoy whenever I had the unction. The same applies to the watches and pens I’ve managed to collect over the years. I cycle through everything on a regular basis and just enjoy the heck out of them. That’s why the […]

Porsche Panamera S In Racing Form

Move over Porsche 911 GT3, there’s a new contender in town! The Porsche Panamera, in all manner of racing splendor! This is a Porsche Panamera S that was developed and tested for the 2013 Superstars International Series. The thing sounds amazing flying around the track. Would love to see this be a real contendor for […]

McLaren 12C Spider Races A Professional Snowboarder

I found this video to be freakishly cool. I’ve watched it several times now and love every minute of every view. It could be because I think the McLaren 12C Spider is one heck of a sweet ride. Or because I love snowboarding. Regardless, this video is worth a watch or two (or three or […]

Jeff Gordon Test Drive Video

I know this isn’t European automobile related, but I’ve watched this thing 4 times now today, and shown a bunch of people. It still makes me laugh. At first I thought the salesman was acting, but when he jumps out of the car, he either deserves an Oscar or this video is legitimate. I love […]

A Peek At A Thailand Porsche Tuner

I’ll be honest. I don’t typically think of Porsche tuners being in places like Japan or Thailand. I’m not sure why, given the wealth of people in Japan alone. XCARFilms put together a nice little video about a popular tuner originally from Japan that has recently branched out to places like Thailand. The tuner is […]