Archives for May 7, 2009

RUF Wheelin Porsche

The beloved Paul, silent owner of, sent me these pictures a few days ago. Someone just mentioned RUF wheels on another Porsche and I thought I’d throw this car up for your viewing pleasure. It was spotted in Keizer, Oregon. A nice looking ride WITH RUF wheels.

Porsche & VW Engaged?

Andrew, one of our avid readers, mentioned this in one of his comments earlier today. I’ve been watching this here and there, but now it looks like things are progressing forward. Porsche and VW are making plans to tie the knot. Here’s a snippet from FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)–Porsche Automobil Holding SE (PAH3.XE) and […]

The Value of a Supercar Brand

What do you get once you’ve built a successful supercar brand like Porsche? A boatload of manufacturers who want to use your brand status to bolster a special edition product. And guess what? I’m the sucker they’re targeting. I don’t know what it is about supercar branded products, but many of them trigger some kind […]