RUF Wheelin Porsche

The beloved Paul, silent owner of, sent me these pictures a few days ago. Someone just mentioned RUF wheels on another Porsche and I thought I’d throw this car up for your viewing pleasure. It was spotted in Keizer, Oregon. A nice looking ride WITH RUF wheels.


  1. It’s a little odd for me to see a Porsche in the parking lot of a Bi-Mart.

  2. mitchell says

    i think they look great! that license plate makes me miss oregno tho, 🙁

  3. it’s good paul has his iphone on him all the time to catch precious moments like this one.

  4. i’m digging the license plate. i guess i’ll be driving around keizer a little bit more so i can run into the owner and ask for a ride

  5. Thats what im talking about! Nice! thx!

  6. Throw those wheels on that 911 Turbo for sale and you’ve got yourself a nice package (or some other RUF wheels – I don’t think these ones would be perfect for it). Nice ride though. Really nice.
    Nice parking job too BTW. At least he doesn’t have to worry about any door dings.

  7. Someone in Keizer owns a Porshce??? Wow, I am surprised.

  8. It’s funny how the owner of this car parked it way out in the parking lot, far away from any other cars. Good call, my friend, good call.

  9. jeff i don’t know what part of keizer you know but there is quiet a high end of median income in parts of keizer.

  10. Jeff & Jeremy – I thought the same exact things. Apparently all that’s in Keizer is farms and RUF’d-out Porsches. 🙂

  11. maybe its just me but wouldn’t those RUF wheels look good powder coated black??

  12. I love those wheels. Theyre simple and look like they’re designed with speed in mind.

  13. ben i totally agree with the simplicity. sometimes simplicity makes the best things

  14. i’m sure nobody will read this but after over a year of looking for this car in person i found the owner. i’m also proud to say that i got a ride in it today for about an hour and a half, it was awesome