Porsche & VW Engaged?

Andrew, one of our avid PorschePerfect.com readers, mentioned this in one of his comments earlier today. I’ve been watching this here and there, but now it looks like things are progressing forward. Porsche and VW are making plans to tie the knot.

Here’s a snippet from WSJ.com:

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)–Porsche Automobil Holding SE (PAH3.XE) and Volkswagen AG (VOW.XE), two of the storied names in Germany’s car-making history, said Wednesday they plan to merge their operations, creating an integrated auto giant with 10 independent brands, including Porsche’s coveted sports-car operations.

Following a meeting of Porsche’s owner families – Porsche and Piech – the company said in a statement that a task force is set to establish within the next four weeks the basis for a merged company.

Seems like both Porsche and VW have heavily involved families, which is good, but you have to wonder what impact this would have on the future of Porsche. Although I could think of much worse scenarios in terms of a mate for Porsche.

[Via WSJ.com]


  1. What will their future offspring be, a Porsche Bus? Will their owners wear tie die or Ralph?

  2. Hopefully its just an umbrella, everything under one roof, BUT Porsche always acting independently as far as its sports car culture and development

  3. hopefully porsches won’t be built south of the US boarder like VW’s are

  4. 🙂

    I can envision it now… a Porsche-badged Passat station wagon. Or maybe a nice Porsche Eurovan? Sweet!

  5. I am sure they will be smart about everything and keep Porsche under it’s own R&D so it will remain a supercar powerhouse.

  6. I’m sure they will too.
    Ferrari is owned by Opel and I haven’t seen any Ferrari compacts rolling off the line.

  7. Seriously.. the Smerrari totally reminds me of Mario Kart.

  8. Yeah, the Smerrari is pretty cool. Maybe a little funny looking too.

  9. in the U.S. we like our corporations in a nice vertical hierarchy, but in Europe, especially in Germany, these conglomerates become obfuscated. The Porsche/VW/Audi/Lamborghini/whoever else is a great example of this. The battle in the organization boiled down to which family would control everything – Porsche won, so now they control VW and Audi.

  10. mitchell says

    sounds like this is all coming together now.