PorschePerfect.com 200th Post Celebrating Some of My Favorites

It’s hard to believe I’ve hit 200 posts already. I was trying to figure out what would be good for this milestone and decided to just highlight a few of my favorite posts from the last few months.

Blue Sky…Blue Porsche – I love this shot. I could sit and stare at it all day.

Drive a Porsche for Free – I know it has a potentially big downside, but the concept of driving a Porsche for darn near free is pretty intriguing. I still think it could be done and would love to see someone try it.

GT3 Reaction Video – One of my favorite videos. It focuses on something you never see, the reactions of people going for a ride in a GT3. The GT3 has also moved up the ranks for me to Ultimate Car status.

Memory Lane: Porsche Magazine Covers #2 – Another one that’s picture based, but I still think about this car from time to time to this day. I would love to own a midnight blue slant nose at some point in my life.

New Member of the PorschePerfect.com Family Has Arrived! – It was awesome to post the culmination of a lot of looking and nearly 25 years of dreaming.

“Outlaw” Porsche 356: The Ultimate Tough Customer – Another car I can’t stop thinking about. The Outlaw 356 pictured at the top is still one of my favorite customized 356 models. Would really like to do an Outlaw 356 some day.

There are a ton more that could easily qualify as favorites. In the end, the entire PorschePerfect.com blog has been a blast from the very start. I’d like to say a quick “THANKS” to all of the readers. Keep up the great reading!


  1. It was fun to go back and look at posts from before I came onto the site. Blue Sky Blue Porsche is a really sweet image, one that I hope to create on my own… but with a black Porsche.

  2. The Outlaw is remarkable! I think it takes top honors for my favorite image on this site.

  3. o WOW!!!! i haven’t seen that blue sky photo!!! that should be made into a poster

  4. i think the GT3 reaction video is my number 1 favorite. the GT3 is at the top of my dream porsche list so i check out the video every couple weeks

  5. Bram Zimmerman says

    Oh man! Dang she’s sweet

  6. The GT 3 reaction video is simple yet genius marketing! I like the segment about a minute in when they all appear to be taking a glance at the speedo!


    I loved the video. I have never driven a Porsche but before I die I sure would love to own one.

  8. Brad that is also my favorite spot of the video. Especially that guy that looks over and goes whew then all of the sudden looks very sick.

  9. Yes, that is the best part!

  10. That is what I would be doing is looking at the speedo and going wow this is awesome.

  11. Ryan,

    Congrats on your 200th post. And thank you for all of your work.

  12. if they wanted a good reaction they should’ve called me up for the shoot. i don’t do too well with others driving at high speeds, i like to be in control

  13. @ James, Do you do what i do in this situation and start pressing an imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side floor? 🙂

  14. mitchell says

    the old cars remind me of james bond..

  15. good color